Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact

Building Partnership that Work: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

The leaders hub just like other NGOs works will welcome partners who understand our vision, mission and core values in building formidable young leaders in all sphere to solve the most challenging issues of our time. We have over the years laid the foundation and we are calling everyone to be part of our transforming team. The leader’s hub understands and prioritizes team work and will continue to invest on individual, team and corporate body who are in same page with us.
The leaders hub is indebted to Nigerian Prize for Leadership for its priceless leadership training in nurturing the young patriotic leaders across six geopolitical zones including FCT as an ambassador to serve as change maker in various communities.
We are most grateful to everyone who has chosen to identify with us and we will keep making them proud in our unique way.

Entrepreneurship Driven Economy: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

Records have shown that majority of the developed Nations embrace three things; Entrepreneurial Skills, Enterprising, and Technology. This is what is known today as TECHNOPRENEURSHIP. Nigerians should awake and get the reality that no amount of government effort can put food on the table of everyone except if indeed manna falls from above.
Entrepreneurship remains the bedrock for National and international development, we are in the middle of unknown economic direction waiting for no one and settling for nothing. The only way out is to embrace entrepreneurship and preach this good news to the coming generation.
Entrepreneurs are the most impactful people on earth why can’t you be one? Tony Elumelu is one of the most influential people in the world today as a Philanthropist who identified the need and he is fixing it among young entrepreneurs in Africa. The Leaders Hub is also trying to fix the need of information gaps and publicity in molding young leaders thanks to our viewers.

Nigerian Youth Need Leadership Platform: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

The Leaders Hub has considered creating a sole programme to enlighten young leaders around the world on the perquisite for effectiveness and efficiency in leadership. This is a one way programme for young leaders to rub minds and chart the way forward in bonding and building synergy that will promote good leadership in all spheres of life.
To achieve the above, the Leaders Hub will be engage in civil organization to mobilize beneficiaries and will keep close watch on
the impact of the beneficiaries in the organization. The core aim is to raise refined and competent young leaders across the board to standout in their sphere and promote good governance to shape true democracy.

Youthful Farmers Engagement: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

The holistic approach to addressing food challenges in any Nation demands the conscious effort of stakeholders. Agriculture has been playing fiddle role in the Nigerian, economy this has created a huge vacuum between demand and supply. To address this, youth incentives in agricultural programs should be activated in all six geopolitical zones the including FCT. Also access to equity funding should be boosted through concerned organizations.
There is therefore the need to track challenges faced by farmers with a committee set immediately to address it so as to encourage and accelerate more agribusiness ventures in the Nation. The federal government should run inclusive project teams that give the host communities opportunities to be featured in the project as well contribute for its sustainability. Agricultural Economics professionals should handle the funds related to agriculture as this is the only way target beneficiaries can access funds with caution and effect the National budget for speedy execution of projects the fund is made available for.
There is also a need to retrain farmers to withstand current climate changes that affect crops as well as provide them with expert knowledge on improved seedlings to enhance better yields in the 2021 farming year. Effective farming records should be encouraged to enable financial institutions and investors come in to do business with the farmers.

Innovative Nigerian Youths: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

Nigerian youths are making headway in their careers as we can attest. Currently majority of the Harvard University medical graduates are from Nigeria, yet we run short of basic medical facilities and have ineffective health care services.
Building the innovative and creative New Nigeria of our choice demands the collaborative efforts of all in creating incentives for hard work and encouraging the spirit of professionalism importantly, thus rewarding hard work.
The Leaders Hub is creating a platform to spur diligent Patriotism and Excellency among young leaders around the world as this will help bond relationships between peers to strengthen social ties among nations. This is to promote diversity, inclusiveness and National integration among emerging leaders for future work.


Nigerian has neglected natural resources with its aboundant human resources untapped for holistic development of Nigerian human capital. Unemployment is no longer recognize as a problem because same can be seen all around the world. The only issue is 'what have Nigerian learn' to stop over depending on government jobs which seems not available for everyone rather look towards supporting our government. But first everyone must think about self-reliant, creative and innovative to breakeven in the labour markets. Farmers should be prepared for strategic partnership ahead of 2021 farming year and ensure the have their seedling intact.

Nigeria Needs Transformational Leaders; Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

The continue progress made in developing any nation shows someone is deliberately making the move and remain in the course of effecting it down stream to last man on the line that is Transformational Leader. A leader who consider their nation first in all that matter to the citizen and they are prepare to die along as case maybe so as to redefine the course the have chosen to walk through and the dear not walk through the back door to solve a challenge rather take it headway while teaching the successor better way to confront such or similar challenge in future. This kind of leader are know as nation builders who stop at nothing until they attain great loft height in achieving remarkable progress. This is the foundation great nation like Singapore, Dubai and India were builts from nothing to treasure base of the earth because the leaders lives above theirselves hence the lives above time. Nigeria yearn for such leaders who can pay the prize and redeem our nation from corruption and bad governance. Nigerian Prize for Leadership are in search for such leader who will give direction to the successor generation leaders hence Nigerian need to support this noble movement to see it comes to fruition.

Nigerian Youths Great Asset; Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

All of the world youths who has exceptionally distinquished theirselves are Celebrated. Same is the case at The Leaders Hub, we sincere thanks Nigeria Government led admimstration by his Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari for adopting November 1 as Youth Day. This has never been in existence before this is to show that the yearning voice of the youth are beginning to see light at the tunnel. One can confidently say the ENDSARNOW protest has accelerated quick and urgent attention especially from Nigeria Federal government unlike before were youth issue are consider minor with minia attention. This is not to say that this adminstration has make giant effort to address needs of the youths rather the youths theirselves has taken their destiney at their hands. To the youth we must not let this synergize efforts die off rather there is need to continue to push forward until the nation give us our light place to rebuild our nation but it must be done violent free and respectful to constituted authority, and above all with love and sincerity. We must remain thankful to God for given us a nations as well given us the ability to stand as gates to the treasure of this nation that is the only way our mindset will be rightly condition to live up expectation to reclaim our nation from corruption and bad governanace. We must embrace diversity as strength and inclusivness as tools and integration of both to make Nigeria a great nation we yearn for. From Mr. Emmanuel Igwe


Very often, there is a commonplace issue that exists in a setting where there are many young people. This issue was the very reason why the End SARS protest was sabotaged and it does seem like the situation cannot be redeemed unless this issue is addressed. It is almost a culture among the young people and, invariably, it connotes a lack of self leadership. This issue made the bigwigs of the political scene to disregard the youths and explained away our requests as acts of exuberance. This issue is simply the uncultured habit of crowd talking. This morbid habit permeates every youthful sphere. Everyone wants to talk and almost immediately starts to talk. However, we fail to know that when everyone is talking, no one is talking. They disregarded our protest even though they themselves do not abide by the rules. Many thought leaders have advised the following: Be the last to speak. Seek to understand and then to be understood. The challenge is that though many people know these pieces of advice, they still don't do them. So here are my tips on how to curb that morbid habit that seeks to be heard rather than to hear. When you enter a room, take the last seat. In a case, you cannot take the last seat, count yourself as the last man to enter the room. This is important for you whether you are a leader or a follower. This way, you know you're the last person to air his views. This is not to encourage lateness or any other improper use of time. Another point is when your views are courted then your views are likely going to be taken than when you throw them out uncalled for. Talk is mostly reactive. We must begin to be proactive if we are going to change the narrative. Action Points: 1. Take the last seat. That way, you will fight the habit of flinging out your views at the same time as others. Furthermore, you will become a rapt listener that the world is looking for.

Leadership is Positive Influence; Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

Leaders emerges from an open field of impacting, empathy and selfless service to humanity. It's important we note that what triggers good leaders to accomplish their mandates is passion for their subject not gain or political interest. As a nation until our mindset is shift towards those we governed towards meeting their basic and fundamental needs else we will keep ratling about. Examplary leadership style remain the only channel to sustain and transfer ledership quality to sucessor generation leaders while maintain already led out structure in governance. Effective communication process is an indispensable tools for leaders to build formidable team to achieve a common or corporates goals. Tell me any successful leaders and i will point to you his strategic communication process. Anything leaders begin to restrain and hide sensitive and vital information within concern group, then misunderstanding will set in which will further divid than to rebuild. Its on this note i urge our leaders to ensure they live up to their responsibility so as not to push their responsility to another which can lead to compromise and procastination which is the killer of potential.


Journey to leadership towards nationhood begins with deliberate and conscious efforts. Aroud the world we can attest that leaders who have made remarkable impacts for humanity comes from common umbrella of sacrifices, committments, selfless service, living a life larger than self. When nation has such gifted and talented leaders the journey toward nations building is half done. Hence sustainable development as well human capital development becomes achievable with realistic results in short time.
African needs leaders like Nelson Mandela who remain an epitome of exceptional in the world with unbreakable records. Nelson lives and death centres on the course larger than self interest, he gives his life to end Aparthy in South Africa. What seem impossible leaders chew it to become possible that is the case of Nelsson Mandibia Mandela. One great quality of this hero is he believe in his ability and give in to his mission to attain his goals. The Leaders Hub is in search of such leader and will be willing to announce it to the world if really it exit.


Nigeria prize for leadership has graduated 54 Ambassadors who has been deploy to their various commumities after 28 days of intensive training and team building network.
The events started with formally induction of the graduants into Entrepreneurship Institute of Nigeria. The occassion features various diplomats and high governments delegates


In a race for Nigerian to find credible leadership successor, Nigeria Prize for Leadership championing this course, last month 12th November 2020 identified young promising leaders across 6 Geopolitical zone in Nigeria to train them on leadership as Ambassadors. It was a great moment for the participants to come together, interact and find common ground to begin the implementation of reinventing Nigeria leadership. This maiden edition has open up channels for other young Nigerians home and diaspora to key in and enjoy the dividend of true democracy in future. It is interesting to know people from all sphere of life are represented in the training which serves as hope to salvage this sectors and government agencies by bringing innovation and creativity as framework for national integration for sustainable development. Its my pleasure to announce that the programme that involves participants with age brackets of 23-35 years will be graduating tomorrow to begin 12th December 2020 to implements what they have learnt. Nigeria Prize for Leadership has set standard templates to guide to the participants as the face the society of unfair, unjust and compromise to make a difference. This training has also yielded to unifying Nigeria youth to thinks and act differently as the an agent of social change. This can be best vindicated from the lives the participants pledge to lives and accomplishment that awaits their success stories in nearest future. PUBLIC NOTICE: Ongoing is FREE Leadership article for publication for all our esteem viewers globally, If this sound interesting to you kindly reach out to the our marketing manager at +2348167981382 or send email to This offer last until 16th January, 2021 Signed- Management.

The Leaders Hub CEO Introduction as Participant UN Youth Skills Acquisition

Mr. Emmanuel Igwe gives direction to young entrepreneusrs, haven worked with United Nations Sustainability Development Solution Network as Volunteer Mentor with Youth Investment Readiness Programme.

Exceptional Leaderhip; Dr. Chioma Kalu's Sequential Paradigm of Impact!

It is said that a man's paradigm defines his future. It is therefore possible to judge who will make a great leader if given the opportunity by simply studying their paradigm in the last few years. This is the case of Dr. Chioma Kalu, a prolific and purpose driven young leader who served as the Vice President of the Students Union Government, University of Calabar in 2017 and was in every way, amazing. She was known for diligence and selflessness, she pulled the largest crowd ever recorded in the School's history when she drew the attention of the world to the school by hosting the famous Frank Edoho and other notable dignitaries at the annual Students Week of the Union.
Following her graduation and induction as a Medical Doctor, she has maintained this spirit of Excellence and credible leadership in her position as the House Officers' Rep. For the very first time, Dr. Chioma Kalu is making an incredible impact on the hospital and its environs through a carefully organized HO Week with a line up of amazing activities scheduled for the week. The most intriguing aspect of the program is the outreach to the indigent communities around the hospital, to assist in providing health care to the community and to discourage home delivery and poor health seeking behavior.
While we celebrate this amazing young leader, we look forward to greater impact and transformational strides from her end. PUBLIC NOTICE: From 16th December, 2020 our portal will commence FREE leadership article publications for our entire viewers around the world. This offer will last until 16th January, 2021. Please, take note of the originality of the intellectual property and the image you wish to use for your publication. For more information call our marketing manager on +2348167981382 or send email to Signed: Management.


What do you think of this?
Can leaders achieve this?
What it takes to be a great leader
The success of any leader is hinged on built collaborations, oneness, synergies and efforts of team members. Sustainable development is enduring projects that impacts on people positively either directly or indirectly. Sustainable development can also be termed as long lasting development which have long term goals and usually affect a great number of the public. What are we saying about team building being the key to nation building; our message is strong advocacy for team building from grass root level to transforming the society as one vision,one mission with common goal. At the leaders hub, we train and mentor young leaders to see ahead of them and to develop vast experience in leadership and set attainable goal, this is because we believe that leaders with foresight are capable of not just transforming their community but the nation and the world at large. Nigeria is a developing nation, but then,what can its citizen do to facilitate attainment of the vision set by our founding fathers. There is need for diversity inclusiveness and national integration to build a strong team. With abundant human and natural resources synergy from stakeholders, elder statesmen and good citizen,we will go a long way in reuniting to transform our dear nation to Nigeria of our dream. It's important to not that the greatest endowment God has given to us as a nation is DIVERSITY. This simply means that we need one another to succeed. The importance of team work as leaders can not be over emphasized. We must take cognizance of the following aspects; team building, networking, partnership which are the rudiments to effective leadership. PUBLIC NOTICE: From 16th December 2020 we our portal will commence FREE leadership article publication for our entire viewer around the world. This offer will last until on 16th January 2021. Take note of the originality of the intellectual property and the image you wish to use for your publication. For more information call our marketing manager at +2348167981382 or send email to Sign- Management


As a leader your personal brand speaks louder than your voice could ever pitch. Brand entails what people say about you at your absent. As a leader please note that brand are anchored in integrity, excellence and uniqueness. Leader that deviates from this stand the chance to loss their value from those the lead. Why are we discussing branding it is very important a leader build the kind of image they which other to see and speak about. This is what will figure you out from crowd. It is crucial as aspiring leader you begin to build your personal brand to make your journey to leadership shorter and easier. One thing I can remember about branding is this, all leaders who have trade this part of personal branding has unique impact in the society and are continue to be reference for their lasting impact to humanity. The challenge here is paying the sacrifice, resilient and commitment to this, I tell you it takes a fortune but the good news is this return is immeasurable and priceless. We need to begin to embrace this so as to transform our communities, nation and world at large. This is my token from Emmanuel Igwe +2348167981382 PUBLIC NOTICE:From 16th December 2020 we our portal will commence FREE leadership articles publication for our entire viewer around the world. This offer will last until 16th January 2021. Take note of the originality of the intellectual property and the image you wish to use for your publication. For more information call our marketing manager at +2348167981382 or send email to Sign- Management.


African is bless as one of highly admired continent in the world. It natural inhabitant comes from preservation and conservation of history events and outlooks. Until today African has maintains it shape in nature beautification, natural and ecosystem charming. Away from this there are certain believes African has nurture that keep them in dark corner among the rest of continents in the world, not to say it’s bad but we are trying to say civilization are still unfolding. Women dress with dignity and men take pride of their spouse as it further communicates how wealthy a man can be this is clearly seen in Igboland Southeast Nigeria. The Yoruba has much respect for the elders as the postulate to greet and see their parent as adorable pride for their existence. While the Hausa are believe to be unify to accord more respect to their Emir. That is my token EMMANUEL IGWE


It worth noting your curriculum vitae can place you in a position but your character will determine how long you remain or advance further. A society that lost it value will always be found in chaos and suspension. We live in a dynamic world where everything changes within a short time but our value and character must be treated with optimum regard to save our nation from decaying. Nigeria is a bless country with multi-cultural heritage we should be proud of anywhere in the world but opposite is the case. We have neglected our value and are pursing shadow. As long as we keep good character and sense of humor outside our daily lives we will keep devaluing our nation and abusing nature and bastardizing our heritage. Are you are parents please note your children sees you as their epitome and learn from you. As a leader you should have conscience and conscious of the team you build knowing fully that ‘’ what goes around comes around’’ this is because there can only be leader when there is follower. In a nutshell keep abreast of happening but always recognize and uphold values with character so you can be acceptable in any society you find yourself. That is my token from EMMANUEL IGWE