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Building Partnership that Work: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

 Haven be proactive and determine to provide humanitarian support in my communities, this adventure has gave me unanticipated opportunities to showcase my creativity and innovation. In the light of the above, Emmanuel has served as online volunteer mentor with United Nations Sustainability Development Network in project tag Youth Investment Readiness Programmed (YIRP). This project gave Emmanuel insightful experience on global issues effecting youth and undermining their talents. It was another thrill prospect for him to network with renowned youth pacesetter like the Co-founder of Babel Manu from Romanian. Emmanuel’s impact especially in the venture of the young innovator he mentored during and after the program was well felt and highly recommendable as shown on the career upsurge of his mentees today. As the result of the little impact i am privilege to made in the future of youth as a mentor Emmanuel was given another life change offer to serve as online with United Nations Social International Development (SODIET) based in Cameroon. His assignment is to help along over 200 staff in recruiting and training vulnerable women and girl to so they can access basic social amenities the government and other multilateral has been put in use for them

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  1. Great I see there is a lot to learn in your blog site thank you Emmanuel Igwe


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