Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact

Building Partnership that Work: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

The leaders hub just like other NGOs works will welcome partners who understand our vision, mission and core values in building formidable young leaders in all sphere to solve the most challenging issues of our time. We have over the years laid the foundation and we are calling everyone to be part of our transforming team. The leader’s hub understands and prioritizes team work and will continue to invest on individual, team and corporate body who are in same page with us.
The leaders hub is indebted to Nigerian Prize for Leadership for its priceless leadership training in nurturing the young patriotic leaders across six geopolitical zones including FCT as an ambassador to serve as change maker in various communities.
We are most grateful to everyone who has chosen to identify with us and we will keep making them proud in our unique way.


  1. Great I see there is a lot to learn in your blog site thank you Emmanuel Igwe


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