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Call for Freedom of Information Ambassador Training –Emmanuel Igwe

As we all know how vital filtered and strategic information is when disseminated to targets audience. We Nigerian need to build integrity honesty and transparency in democratic setting through effective and efficient information sharing to preserve and stir confidence in the citizen towards the state of nation governance as well public structured institution roles and prospects for sustainable education system that works. What to Expect from the Programme The FOI training will ensure further increase in awareness & interest in the Act. It would serve as a benchmark towards sustaining the increasing culture of demanding transparency in governance. It could further help improve performances of public officials & institutions, by serving as a tool of accountability therefore checking their activities. Why the Programme Should be Prioritize The Leaders Hub earlier last year undertakes research through public consultation and discovers a lot of challenges face by our leaders both in the executive arm, Legislatures judiciary and in public office all stems from disinformation. This statistically shows that the shortfall came from inappropriate coding and decoding of receiving and responding to messages passed respectively. What Will Make You an Ideal Applicant: Young people in age bracket of 18-35 years, who have interest in governance, & willingness to engage government institutions. To apply visit:


WHO IS A LEADER Anyone who has the ability to motivate, influence and enhance people will to change their mind in according with his set priority is known as a leader. In a nutshell a leader is all about positive impact through a carefully plan of action targeted in given the subject better standard of living by helping them take necessary action for the full actualization of their potential. WHAT IS LEADERSHIP Leadership is act of leading. Leadership is a process of leading. Meanwhile you cannot talk about leaders without discussing leadership also you cannot talk about leadership without its core values which includes; accountability, transparency, equity, credibility, Trust, meticulous, discipline, commitment. reliability, focus and effective communication Initiator and determination. Leadership is not act of making gain or exploring other with sacrifices, empathy and problem solving ability. The number of solution you brings to table is what defines the kind of leader you will be. Leaders are ambassadors of quality attribute for national transformation this is because everything rises and falls in leadership. This will send signal to you failed nation designate failed leaders. As an ambassador it’s yours responsibility to ensure the group of people under yours custody gets the best of humanitarian aid, social and basic amenities and access to technology driven ventures. As a leader you are a public figure there is need for you to accept responsibility base on your skills and keep improving your skills for sustainable governance. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS AND TRANSACTIONAL LEADER Transformational leaders are innovator and cause thing to in an extra ordinary way, they stir up social change and always been in frontline to lead the team. This kind of leader is gifted and has strong passion for human existence. While transaction leaders are those leaders who never bring anything sustainable governance rather they go for immediate benefits. Transactional leader never give room for self-improvement rather routine of work serve as work modality. Transformational leaders are effective team while Transformational leadership is a theory of leadership where a leader works with teams to identify needed change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executing the change in tandem with committed members of a group. Right leaders emerge from all spheres as the result of what they have accomplish as well evidence of what next. In conclusion African is talent hut continents with less productive youth that need care guidance and mentors.


Usually beyond the first three weeks of the year, some people begin to return back to their routine lives. All the shining hope of making a change gone. All the hours of resolution-making thrown to the wind. It now seems like the old wine tastes better. This is so because a few challenges we experienced too early in the year tells us the resolution won't hold water. The demands of a new wine (a new life & its blessings) now become enormously difficult to fulfill. Usually, the new wine demands a change of the wineskin, that is a change of lifestyle. The limiting factor to gaining the new wine, that is God's gracious blessings ferried on the backs of men, is usually the wineskin we present. Often, we present unpolished, old wineskin which is riddled with the dregs of unproductive habits encouraged by relationships that do not conform to the principle of 'iron sharpens iron'. Many of us lose our flair for the creative writing that we started to do. Many become unresponsive to the early stimulus of physical fitness that you had before. Many lose that knack for personal development which they wanted to do through in-depth studying and reading. Many revert back to those unproductive habits that kept them chained for years. However, I come to you with a message of hope saying "You Can Do It." Think it through before giving up and follows these steps to win. I tell you this year will not finish before you are declared a winner. Steps To A New Wineskin 1. Polish The Wineskin To get a new wineskin, you have an obligation to recreate yourself. You cannot leave yourself to chance. You would have to be deliberate in building up the new life you desire. Engage in activities that refine the man within. You may have to take out time and go to a training for the sake of personal development. You may have to go to a solitary place to do some in-depth study yourself. 2. Open up to New Wine. The principle here is quite clear. New wine are meant for new wineskin. This means you don't put a new wine into an old wineskin nor do you put an old wine into a new wineskin. The significance of opening up to a new wine and not an old wine is that old wine form dregs readily. New wines have to the ability to stretch you. Your mind begins to adopt a new posture once it tries to shifts to a new dimension. You can now believe in the possibilities abounding in the new lifestyle you possess. You can see the blessedness of the new life. 3. Once you taste the new wine, stay away from the old wine. There are some tales that clearly represent an old wine. Don't taste it. Old ideologies that has not produced any result in the lives of its believers must be kept far away if you want to win this new year. This year is a year of strategic victory. Be deliberate to go to the top. I am Dr. Uzoma Chigozie, a disruptive thinker cum personal development coach. If there is anything I want to see this year, it would be to see you at the top and to say it was a privilege serving you. For enquirers and consultation, call or WhatsApp +234 805 565 1542.

US Presidential Inauguration and Leadership Lessons: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

The inauguration of Biden and Harris as United State president and vice president took a great cloud at Washington DC with prominent leaders like Barack Hussein Obama in attendance. Obama had been an American politician and attorney who was the 44th president of the United States, from 2009 to 2017. Its been observed that Barack Obama seem to be more closer to Joe Biden during the indoor and outddor ceremonies than any other leader who occupied enjoys prestige in America. Obama was the first African-American president of the United States who happen to serve as Senate in before becoming president. This event is a ritual marked by declarations of the oaths and responsibilities of the executive office under the Constitution and peaceful transfer of powers based on the will of voters oversees by the Electoral College confirmation. President Biden in his opening speech tag 20th January 2021 as Victory for Democracy he made bold to strike out some of the executive order given by Donald Trump which include revoking the ban lifting of US from European countries. According to Biden the ban will continue, he also installs mandatory wearing of face mask in every public building. Lesson from the Inaugurations of Biden and Harris 1. There was unity and mutual respect for the constitution otherwise the capitol will have been scanty by division and fight during the process but American understood there is need to support each other to attain national goals 2. There was a sense of maturity exhibited that keeps both parties in good conduct during the inauguration to avoid international embarrassment. 3. It showed that both party admitted their faults and understood that American interest supersede parties interests 4. It was the first inaugural delivered during crisis in United State of American yet it attracts warming attendance. This show American can rise again if they put their energy together to rebuild democracy and continue to promote good governance. 5. The leaders Hub Congratulates Americans for successfully transiting to new administration.

NPL Ambassador: Dr. Uzoma Chigozie - Leadership Quotes


The subject of specialization has made life very interesting. By this, I mean it has successfully created specialists in almost all areas of life. I remember getting an electrician to check a fault at my office and after a few minutes, he told me that the issue was with the generating set. I told him to check the electrical side of the generator and he told me that he doesn't work the electricals of a generator. When it came to the area of repairs in which he was good at like wiring and rewiring of electrical appliances, he didn't dodge. He showed up with a good smile. So I found out something intriguing about life. Specialization creates a niche for everyone with a seamless interface between entities. Specialization makes confident leaders and a confident leader can and must remain humble. Those who have thought otherwise are those who have been ensnared in the trap called the conflict of character. When a leader gets arrogant about what areas should be his strength, he often wanders away from his vision and purpose. Suddenly, he loses sight of the vision that he was running with. He starts to delve into other areas because of his supposed strength in a similar area. I would like to show you what dangers lie ahead of wandering about. Dangers of Wandering 1. A downward trend So Jesus, the great teacher, when asked "who is my neighbor?" told a story of a rich fellow who went down from Jerusalem to Jericho. To understand that story in Luke 10, he used places that the people had formed opinions about. Jerusalem was a place of peace and prosperity while Jericho was a place of concealment. How could a rich fellow go from a place of peaceful prosperity to a place where men concealed whatever they had. Why do I think he was a rich fellow? That man met some thieves and afterwards, they took his clothes. Usually, thieves don't take your clothes unless they are heavily priced. Those clothes must be worth so much. Imagine that! So this rich traveller went down. I imagine that apart from his health, his finances would have staggered a while also. This is all because he went the wrong road. 2. A greater likelihood to enter the wrong hand. Another issue worthy of note is the fact that he (Jesus) said this man fell into the hands of thieves. This meant that he didn't plan the encounter he faced. When a man wanders from his place, there is a greater chance he will fall into the hands of wrong people and/or wrong system. Oftentimes, the wrong hands would almost leave the fellow half dead or dead. No bird in her nest gets shot by the sharp-eyed hunter. Hunters will only shoot what they see around them. And even when the birds learn how to write, they can only tell the story of their narrow escape. Thieves only attack those they see around them so to avoid them, stay in your track. Furthermore, cover your track neatly to avoid leaving traces. 3. You're left at the mercy of those who have no mercy. That rich fellow, who was left naked and half dead, was put in an unfavourable situation. Men whom everyone thought would show him mercy didn't because many men don't like to show mercy unless there is something for them to gain. Refuse to be put in a situation where men have to pity you. Pity, in any form of it, is destructive. It is easiest place where men can take advantage of you. Some men would have seen the half dead man and still pick a few coins off him. All these happened because a man wandered from his place. Action Points: 1. Stay in your niche and grow there. 2. Refuse to be pitied. Pity is destructive whether you mete to yourself or it comes from another. 3. Fight for where you are going. Stick it all out. Never let anyone tell you that you won't make it there. Some people may laugh at you at the beginning, never mind them. They don't have much planned out for themselves

Donald Trump's Farewell Speech - Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

Manwhile the outgoing President Donald Trump have sent his farewell message to American, Describing the Americans as wonderful people and it was to him a great privilege to serve as their President. He also draws to notice that the entire mandate his administration had was fulfilled even much more. Donald Trump administration was told to be very strict to Africans but political scientists score him high in the execution of tangible plan within this short period of 4 years. It could be best say that DONALD TRUMP is a DOER PRESIDENT for him to achieve a lot for Americans. The Leaders Hub observed that Trump Administration focuses more in building American strength and creating more unify way for Americans to achieve their dreams while maintaining peace within and outside US border. The Leaders Hub want to appreciate Donald Trump for his moral and God fearing actions and inaction while at White House this shows he is one of the distinguish courageous and character wise leader US ever had recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel is a great revealed truth as recorded in Holy Bible. We also urge the incoming Administration to build on what the Successor has achieved for sustainable governance structure which will also promote diversity and inclusive leadership spirit between the past and incoming administration. Here was the final words from President Donald Trump as he bow out from White house First, let me express my overwhelming gratitude for the love and support of our spectacular First Lady, Melania. Let me also share my deepest appreciation to my daughter Ivanka, my son-in-law Jared, and to Barron, Don, Eric, Tiffany, and Lara. You fill my world with light and with joy I also want to thank Vice President Mike Pence, his wonderful wife Karen, and the entire Pence family. Thank you as well to my Chief of Staff, Mark Meadows; the dedicated members of the White House Staff and the Cabinet; and all the incredible people across our administration who poured out their heart and soul to fight for America. We at The Leaders Hub salute you Donald Trump as courageous leader as well recognized your achievement during your tenure and look forward in seeing the impact among other leaders in the world as well in the lives of Americans Message from CEO The Leaders Hub.


In two days time US President elect will take oaths of office as US 46th President. Ahead of this big event that shape new hope for Americans, President Donald Trump was impeached by Speak of House of Representative making it twice Donald Trump was impeached in his administration. This move by US Speaker is beaconing for senate confirmation. The Vice President Mr. Pence who is also the senate President has earlier written letter to the house of representative stating clearly there is no need for Trump to be impeach rather they should reunite to rebuild American as the nation is at the verge of collapsing. The Leasers Hub observed the incoming president seem have plans of integrity US with choice countries hence many leaders has begun lobby for this. It’s common to initiative plan but it takes extra mile to execute it, we do hope that Mr. Joe Biden will close the gaps he promise American and create more opportunities for young leaders inclusive leadership participation similar to Young African Leaders Initiatives (YALI) Atlas Corps among others which over the years has given young leaders from developing nation access to roundtable discussion that have yielded positively in diversity. The Leaders Hub prioritize young innovators program as key to national economy diversification and development and will look toward foreign pilot project that support emerge leaders taking responsible in developing their communities especially now the world is facing one common enemy Covid. 19. For clarity, I will reinstate here there is no problem nations lobby to have access to incoming US administrative opportunities but it should be tailor for national interest of the citizen not personal interest. Every leader should be hold accountable for every action and inaction as it ought in doing so transparency and accountability is built in leadership. The leaders hub will welcome communities of practice that champion the course of promoting young leaders from grass root, we believe doing that vulnerable in societies are also given opportunities to lead.


Often I wonder the benefits of people in my life and I know some of you do. Recently, I began to think about the effect of mentorship in our lives. I like to disrupt the status quo and it all begins with thinking differently. This disruptive thinking led me to turn to the man who walked with God extensively. His name is Abraham. Yes, the biblical Abraham and not that your favorite teeth-flashing, soft-spoken guy who does nearly everything for the ladies without a fuss. (There is always this guy that ladies like much but won't get serious with.) Back to the subject, so I went to study the man in the greatest book ever written, the Bible. In the eighteen and nineteen verses of the eighteen chapter of Genesis, I saw a man who God promised that he would be a great and powerful nation. God went ahead to give him a wonderful vision of possible growth in which other nations could materialize from him but very few people know the conditions for the promise. In nineteen verse, the Bible said "For I have chosen him so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just, so that the Lord will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him." (NIV) This pushes a great deal of knowledge about the subject matter. Looking at that scripture, I found out that God chose Abraham to fulfill a task which was to mentor his children after his godly way of life. If he wanted them to be hardworking, he had to show it to them. If he wanted them to kind to others, he had to consistently show himself to be kind. All these were the conditions that Abraham had to satisfy so that the Lord will do for Abraham what he had promised. The promise was to make a great nation out of Abraham and he didn't even have a son when God said all these things about him. Now, this means a lot. How could a man who didn't even have one child be chosen to show his children the Lord's way in order for him to have them? Ponder on that! This meant that the ways of the Lord was his recurrent lifestyle without any second thought. It had to be his second nature if he wanted the Lord to fulfill his promise. So God started by giving Abraham Isaac (one son) through Sarah while he observed Abraham. If he fulfilled his side of the deal, then he was qualified to have get more children. And yes, Abraham fulfilled his part and he got more children from Keturah (Genesis 25: 1, 2). Often, mentees are treated like refugees. They are subjected to very adverse conditions which even our "official foes" should not go through. However, what many mentors don't know is that the process of mentorship and persistence of the mentee to the process is a crucial factor to obtaining the blessing of greatness. If a mentee quits from the process, it proves that you are a wrong influence. Little wonder, there is a corrupted version of mentorship flying around. My stance is not that of rebellion but that of a critical review of the process. This corruption has created a clarion call to adjust the mentorship back to the biblical standard set for us. Otherwise, they don't need you as a mentor. Action Points: 1. For mentors, Check if you have conformed your mentorship process to the biblical standard and make necessary adjustments. 2. For potential mentees, choose your mentors carefully and find out about the process before submitting to it.

Global Call for Mentoring Roles at United Nations SDSN: Emmanuel Igwe

Dear Prospective Mentors, It has been a great year and at Babele do hope you are keeping safe as well doing well. May I invite to take a tour of some of the opportunities we have opening this great and wonderful new year! With the we are launching the Investment Readiness Program to serve as an accelerator to support the SDGs which will be much value hence there is need to onboard Mentors across the globe to champion this. The program will encompass various spheres hence there is need to bring in expert-wise subject matter specialists. There is no doubt as mentor you will have opportunity to learn and re-learn as well connect with your prospect as one big family of professionals across the globe. Each Innovator, entrepreneur will be matched with an expert mentor, who supports the venture throughout the 13 weeks of the program this is to help refine their ideas to be scalable and feasible for possible investment opportunities. Modality: Entrepreneurs attend weekly webinars on key subject matters, which are followed by concrete objectives and practical assignments; this is where your job comes in. As they progress through the program, these assignments taken together build out the company’s impact investment memorandum for future work.. We invite you to apply to become mentors of the program here Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a message at or visit Manu at Babele home page With kind regards, Manu (cofounder of Babele)

Call for Volunteer Work at SODEIT

Social Development International (SODEIT) is looking to recruit for global volunteers to join our family! Our project is an establishment of a Global Support Centre against Covid-19 in Cameroon, and recently we just expanded to Sierra Leone. We are looking for individuals who are passionate to help others in such unprecedented times. Ideally, we are looking for those with skills of social media, graphic designing, creative writing, medical knowledge, researchers (for information), partnership developers. However, there is no pre-requisite, we are generally looking for creativity, passion and commitment. To participate use this link below