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Integrity is doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. It is pearl for diligent and consist in choice field of life. It is not cheap but costly to earn. As a leader aspiring for greatness integrity should be your watch word sacrifice should be your chosen path and consistent your habits. Many people thinks integrity only begins from those occupying position in society that’s wrong you need paradigm shift, because it begins from you as parents your children can explain better on your dealing’s then to a group your peers should give good reports on your felt impact. Of course as a leader your reputation is at stake when you chose to ignore the urgent need for sense of accountability to people who elected you to power. As a leader your knowledge on subject matter is yardstick to measure your plane of integrity, this is because when the value of position is ignore then abuse of power is inevitable. As young leaders we need to embrace path of integrity for nation building and sustainable development that is my token.


Often, I ask myself some strange questions and that's how I get answers or at least I have more questions, waiting for answers. There is this widespread belief that you must be able to read people as a leader. One trait necessary to fulfill that role is a keen sense of perception. They say you cannot be a truly effective leader without the ability of human observation that peeks through the lens of keenness. So behind every action of many potential leaders is the desire to acquire this sense. These people become what I call "book worms." This goes on to create another aggressive sense of faultfinding in them. They cannot just see people and events around them to be harmless. For them, there is always a connotation that must driven into everything. They almost want to place themselves in the same class with the Infinite Intelligence (as Mr. Napoleon Hill calls God.) There is an explanation for everything and if you fail to pay that much attention to them, you could be subjected to the same crucible that dislodged dignity from others. However, I have found that people want to be cared for. Let me say this and I hope you learn it and, if need be, quote me: Your altitude is directly dependent on your attitude to life and your aptitude to the issues of life. You cannot grow bigger than your inner space kept for others. You will prove your desire for a better life by how much you exemplify love and warmth. Be a warm book that people can read off from. The great leadership guru,John Maxwell once said "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." This is the missing link in the world we have today. And I can dare say we created it to be so. However, if we choose a different line of action then we can change the narrative. Action Points: Make up your mind to add the quality of 'warm book' to your 'bookworm' life. Show people how much you care at all time. Don't let it be in election scenario only. The people you lead need to know that you care Uzoma Chigozie is a medical doctor cum relational intelligence coach. He has been involved in teaching people leadership and relationship principles. He is married to his beautiful wife and lives in Anambra State


Sometime in the past, when it was found out that his hand helped to push the ball past the goal line, this man said "It is the hand of God." His name was Diego Maradona. There was a time in history when nearly every footballer wanted to be like Diego. He was a legend in the game. He was massively respected by the big names of the game. Many know his public life. How he went from being one of the best player to grace the game to a great manager of the Argentine team. During his football career, he lifted Serie A title twice and UEFA cup with the Italian side, Napoli. He was a man who carried the hand of God but wasn't much in the hand of God. He struggled with drugs. On one occasion, he was stripped of his medal because he tested positive to a banned drug. A spectacular event was when he was tested positive to ephedrine after an Argentine victory over Nigeria. I remember this story back then and how I felt gloomy because he was my biggest player. The speculation that ephedrine masked the hard drug Diego was involved with was a big nightmare for him. He was this close to a career death. However, Professor Taylor, of Baylor College of Medicine, pointed out that ephedrine actually sped up the elimination of the cocaine and this added more weight to the charge that he wanted to conceal his doping addiction. In all these, Diego had to stand alone to face the music. He had to find a way to quell the quagmire. He rested the hand of God on his head but didn't rest in the hand of God. Maradona is now late due to a heart condition which has similar clinical features with asthma that is managed with ephedrine. I may want to think that he was self-medicating because of asthma. Perhaps, he was using it to treat a probable narcoleptic disorder. (You remember when Diego walked around with slitlike eyes.) But whatever it was, Diego is no longer here. He has gone to rest in the hand of God. No longer will the media houses make massive sales because of his plight. He went through it all alone. Rest in peace Diego Armando Maradona. Lessons: 1. In life, you stand alone to fight your battles. 2. Seek help when you need it. This is, perhaps, the biggest because as mortals we often want to act the Hercules who never needs help but gives it to the weak. 3. Remember that in your suffering, you are helping someone somewhere to gain more wins. They could be the media houses or an individual.


Few days after I checked into a room at the National Stadium Abuja (Package B) which happened to be the venue for the maiden edition of Ambassadors Leadership Programme, I decided to get myself a snack from the nearby stores within the stadium on this bright Sunday evening. The stores were a stone throw from the stadium facility where we stayed. After I had bought my snack and was heading back to my lodge, I saw some six or seven Asian guys. They looked more like Chinese guys. They had just arrived in their sport outfits with a basketball in hand, ready to display their prowess. One threw the ball on the board and it was then the others discovered that there was no rim. I tried to direct their attention to another court but they also discovered that there were no rims on that one. The discovery discouraged them and they entered their black Toyota SUV and drove off. When they left, one of the shopkeepers told me that the sport area was still under construction. In his words "If you look around, you will see work going on. The court has not met the presidential standard yet that is why they removed the rim." Amazingly, I didn't notice any spectacular renovation except for some bricks I saw some men lay on another some days ago and that work could not affect the use of the sport facility. The spectators' stand of the court was ready. The rim stand was in place. The court markings were intact. But there was no rim and the excuse was that it hadn't met the presidential standard. This incident quickly brought to my mind the attitude of sluggishness that is prevalent in government. This stadium has been in existence for very many years and yet there is a flimsy excuse that would get it nonfunctional through disuse. Actually, this attitude should have caused us to move fast had we considered it as a slug in the eyes. However, there seem to be many slouches who slouch on a sofa watching others act. I remember coming back from my office one evening and a little insect flew into my right eyes. That single incident sent running around, looking for who would help me out. I wasn't showing my teeth like in the picture. It was a matter of who would help me and if I found someone who seemed unhelpful, I left him. My desire is to see my country get back on the map. I desire for my country to get out of her nap. Therefore, I solicit for the young and the old to yield themselves to effect a change no matter small around where you live. Action Point: Think of something small you would start that would affect others positively and consistently do it irrespective of irresponsibilities around you. Think of the areas where you seem weak and ask for help. When you play your part, you are contributing to removing the slug in our eyes. About the author Uzoma Chigozie is a medical doctor cum relational intelligence coach. He has been involved in teaching people leadership and relationship principles. He is married to his beautiful wife and lives in Anambra State


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to call God on the phone? Few people may have entertained that idea some time in their life. The idea seems exciting especially if you imagine the idea in a setting when there are hand held phones. That setting was some decades ago. However, let's imagine it differently. Imagine you went to church one of those rare Sundays you do and you met somebody who introduced himself as God. The first response you probably would give is "It's a lie." However, he ignores your unbelief and tells you to ask for a thing right then. You asked for your headache to be gone and it did. Then you exchanged some pleasantries with him and he gave you his phone number which you quickly saved as "my Pure Jackpot." On getting home, you quickly sent him a WhatsApp chat which read "Hello God." Then you went to Facebook to look for him and, voila, you saw his account and you sent a friend request. You didn't try Twitter and Instagram because you thought he wouldn't be interested in the cruelty and merchandise exported in those avenues. One..Two...Three days passed before he replied your Hello God. You thought "May he is busy." But you also imagined that he should have be keen to reply you first before any other thing. Then you managed to say "How are you doing, Sir?," and another 96 hours slipped away before he replied with an emotionless 'Fine'. Your request on Facebook was accepted after two years. I could almost say with certainty that you wouldn't have the fortitude to chat him again. This is basically the same thing some people do in their life and they wonder why they are ever stuck in one spot. We disregard some of the people God sent our way to help us. You draw a 'scale of assessment' that you subject everyone to. Most people would only respond to you if they have a need you could solve for them. Long ago, I invited a young man to an event which could have changed his life financially had he taken the opportunity but he turned it down immediately. His life is yet to change significantly. Many people fail in engaging their friendship proactively and therefore postpone the day of divine visitation for either themselves or others. Imagine someone were in a dire need and could die in a few seconds if you didn't help. Would the person live or die? Would the person get your help on time? Think about that. Sometimes, we say if it is important to him then he should call me and we never think that the means they used to reach us may be the only saving means for them. Action Point: Think about the friends you have and how much you could affect their lives with a simple text or a quick chat. Send it now without fail. Uzoma Chigozie is a medical doctor cum relational intelligence coach. He has been involved in teaching people leadership and relationship principles. He is married to his beautiful wife and lives in Anambra State


Many people are only thoughtful about themselves than others. It is much easier for anybody to esteem himself or herself better than the others. And because of this, a certain pattern of thinking has been created. Nearly everyone's thoughts are confined within the perimeter of an unwritten code of system. You don't find many people thinking outside this box in many areas of life. This is why they speak, they speak from the sublime status of their assumptions. You could hardly find those who think others are greater, others should be respected too, others should be honoured too, others should be well spoken of. There is a palpable pulse of pride among peoples of different climes.
However, for us to push the frontiers of leadership and relationship, we have to think differently. The greatest manual, the Bible, says it this way in the second chapter of Philippians "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory but in lowliness of mind let each esteem other better than themselves." The major principle for being an effective leader (to your employees, your peer, your spouse) is to ensure that you do nothing out of strife. Strife is a contention for superiority. That is, when someone sets out to show and prove himself superior to others. You cannot lead a people or a spouse until they know you have a heart large enough to contain them and not keen to show them you are superior. Why our nation, our relationship is not getting better is simply because of this issue. Those within are not thinking beyond themselves and as a result, they have become the 'box'. A leader is simply a servant. Leadership is a responsibility, not a title and until we think outside the 'box', every problem will be a dress for us instead of an issue to be fixed. There is a lowliness of mind required for leadership and relationship. You must be a leader with the lowliness of mind to exhibit the thoughtfulness that is emphasizes leadership. When we value and esteem the other person, we build a world that does not consider our resources but our impact. It is then we can have the world we dreamed of. *Action Point* : Look for someone today and say nice things to them in the midst of your own challenges

NPL Ambassador Leadership Programme Updates

Nigerian Prize for Leadership (NPL) organized a one month intensive Ambassadors Leadership Programme for the youths. This training is aimed at raising a credible successor generation of youths who will exhibit qualities of good leadership and governance. The ongoing Ambassadors training is expected to last till 13th December, 2020 having commenced on the 15th of November, 2020. The facilitator who did justice to the above topic is one of the eminents Nigerian Professor Jerry Gana. He delivered a lecture on Democracy, Good Governance and Development as key to National Development. The participants were overwhelmed with the expository nature of the lecture which was more of interactions. Lessons learnt are but not limited to: Spirituality; this an inseparable part of Leadership which enables a leader to commune with His creator, hence, the leader should never neglect the place of fellowship with God if he must succeed. When a leader agrees to walk according to the commandments of His creator,he will come out distinguished among others. Respecting every religion will bring about National integration in leadership. As leaders, it’s important we value life and human dignity. To carry everyone along without biasness,segregation or religious sentiment which bring about abortion of peace and unity in the communities. Sacrifice is very important for leaders to make headway to achieving set goals. Discipline is a another key quality of a leader to attain lofty heights. Focus is also paramount as a leader; to keep to your vision requires consciousness and foresight. Determination: Here, you're very committed to your course. Then, you crown it up by exhibiting high level of Confidence.This has to do with believing in yourself, expressing the "I-Can-Do-Spirit".

NPL Ambassador Leadership Programme Onging

There is needs for conscious youth development to enable the country attain rapid sustainable growth in sub-sessions. Nigeria cannot afford expensive joke of neglecting its youth in national planning organizing and execution. Dubai use to be rejected desert without any resources to boost of, today the are rated as one of the centre of attraction in the world because of the development model the adopted under the leadership of President Muhamod Rasheed.The screte behind this turnaround development is COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE Nigeria Prize for Leadership (NPL)
in an effort to replicate suitable approach in Nigeria adopted Ambassador Leadership Programme (ALP) today enters its 5th day with all the participant been culture on fundament skills and practical workshop to be agent of change for better Nigeria. This maiden edition also features the founder and CEO of The Leaders Hub holding at National Stadium Federal Capital Territory Nigeria.

Day 4 Nigeria Prize for Leadership Enters Day 4th

The participants will be dwelling in citizens duties right and responsibility. This will give credence to youth if the get all it takes to take charge of their lifes. Nigeria prize for leadership will in the cause of today training and workshop introduce group disussion in the cause of the training to enable the participant make best of the short moment . Today training has commence with intensive review on last 3 day work anchor by Mr. Eric one of the Nigerian Prize for Leadership partner he emphasis on passion commitment and patriotism. Other espectated activity is documentary and class and assessment of the participant.


African countries have experience slow its economy growth and development, what a nation where the youth struggle to access basic amenities yet the African keep looking for messiah to this development failure when the have neglected part to human capital development, mentorship and career guidance. Nigerian Prize for Leadership in an effort to awake it youth conscious and sub-consciousness on good governance and economy that work have begun a month Ambassador Leadership Programme to trained youthful Nigeria on what it takes to assume position of leadership. This maiden edition features participant across Nigeria who are currently at residence in FCT nation capital. Upon completion of the programme the young trained participant will be confer Nigerian Prize for Leadership Ambassador in coming weeks. The programme is structured to expose the participants on rigorous and intensive training to understand past present and unanticipated leadership challenges and possible way to solve them. The programme enter the 3rd day today with huge success so far the promising young leaders are been reshape both in mindset paradigm to take up leadership at grass root and play exemplary roles towards sustainable governance that take in cognizance of equity, transparency, accountability, divert inclusive and integration. This in few years will yield to new Nigerian that will be proud of by Nigeria, African and the world at large.

Nigeria Prize for Leadership Commence Its One Month Ambassador Leadership Programme

The Leaders Hub was nominated as Nigeria prize for leadership ambassador. Currently his tenacity and competency is been build as young leader ready to transform Nigeria and strengthen it manpower.


Those who are good in leadership never beg for support by their follower rather they work hard so their impacts can speak and so we all want to vote for competent, transparent and accountable leader. The world has gotten to the point where everyone have a voice in the decision making table this is important so actual challenge can be tackle headway and right people are given benefits and punishment their deserves due to their action and inaction.
The world is experiencing holistic fail in leadership and good governance that is why youth are encourage o prepare and take up leadership responsibility from grass root level. From the desk of CEO the Leaders Hub Emmanuel Igwe +2348167981382


Youths are reserve energetic workforce whose has power and potential to transform nations across the earth. There is need for prioritizing the needs of youth to harness future potentials of them. Global pandemic has led to job lost globally hence urgent attention of the concern authority of nations are call to give their youth opportunity to grow and showcase their talents.
A place of nurturing and mentorship cannot be neglected and overemphasize as youth, you need to have a mentor and advisor who project evaluate and assess you on continue basis for possible improvement. Youth learning platform should be set up to give access to virtual class, training and workshop for continue youth development.
Nigerian youth are known for multi-talents but there is need for government to look more into talent hunt programme to better prepare its citizens for most impressing challenge of the moment which include the following; i. High unemployment rate ii. High number of crime in society due to youth restiveness iii. No Youth inclusion in leadership, business and key economic institution of Nigeria iv. Lack of diversity and good governance v. Promotion of youthled projects to transform lives and stir of positive social changes in communities. From the desk of CEO The Leaders Hub Emmanuel Igwe +2348167981382


Joe Biden and vice president Senator Harris seem to be more serious than American can imagine. Ahead of the official handover by incumbent president, but on resounding note it will be pretty starting well if he set plan ahead this will be a welcome development for American to have a proactive leader. The Americans should choose capable and competent to leader our eye is one the post activities after the election, is our believe and the rest of the world that the president elect has emerge as people voice through voting right except if otherwise stated void. President Trump on his part has maintained peace and tranquility waiting to receive US Supreme Court judge which will determine his position in white House. The Leaders hub wish to advise US to ensure that it citizen are carry first in any decision taking in regards to installing their leader also the should be conscious of what their action and inaction can create not just in American but in entire nations that look up to them in decade to come during and after this Presidential post-election era. The Leaders Hub also wish to facilitates with US citizen for maintain peace and order as the approach the results of their Presidential election with maturity and sense of patriotic. From the desk of CEO The Leaders Hub Congratulation American for doing great works to choose your leaders Emmanuel Igwe +2348167981382


 The leaders hub wish to Congratulate Americans for their move to select their president. However its worth noting there should be room for opponents to expess their grieveness. We have recieve reports of irrregularities surrounding the election process but its need to be proven beyond casual say. The incumbent president has declared the election un acceptable hence cannot concieve defeat there is no conclusion until US court vindicate this election we can now know who truly won US 2020 presidential poll.

But for the moment Joe Biden President elect should also agree to allow court takes it decision on this matter. American is known for their stable and uncompromise history of good governance practice hence at this time the world looks up that US conducts approach appropriate steps to address the current political sagacity. 

The leaders hub urge American to make no mistake that can cause them fortune there is need for all American to avoid political sentiment, self-interest, and group interest but pursue overall American dream to safe the great wall of American and stir up confidence in developing nations like Nigeria and other African countries who have depend heavily on US supports.

The Leaders Hub hereby call on every proticols and concern US agency to act wisely and fast to safe and rescue the US electoral mandates and preserve CITIZEN wills and future.

from  the desk of CEO the leaders hub

Big Story for Aspiring Young Leaders

 Leadership is all about what you do to impact someone positively. As a inspiring emerging leaders you should develop a conscious habits and characters to facilitate social postive change in your communties. Every leaders prospect target to the follower should holistically address the wellfare of the subjects.Youth should be given the opportunity to participate actively in economic transforming plans this will enhance sustainable growth and development. The youths are the touch light to future generation the only way to secure this generational leader is to develop their human capital talents to harness their dividends in full. Developing nations connotes developing in human capital development which needs target empowerment to scale through and explode. 

Picture  below depict The Leaders Hub (TLH) Youth Solution Room and Training Avenue

The Leaders Hub is of the uptimum view that the youthful farmers around the world can be brought to roundtable to chat a way out to resolve food scarcity especially in developing nation. Hunger and poverty will persists if nothing is done urgently. United Nations SDG 1 and 2 has impressively achieve remarkably enough but the current food challenge need holistic approach that need private driven approach. The Leaders Hub is please to bring to your notice this update as we explore other way to help the youth reactivate and take active role in reforming global economy.

Roads to The Leaders Hub Youth Empowerment Venue