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Youthful Farmers Engagement: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

The holistic approach to addressing food challenges in any Nation demands the conscious effort of stakeholders. Agriculture has been playing fiddle role in the Nigerian, economy this has created a huge vacuum between demand and supply. To address this, youth incentives in agricultural programs should be activated in all six geopolitical zones the including FCT. Also access to equity funding should be boosted through concerned organizations.
There is therefore the need to track challenges faced by farmers with a committee set immediately to address it so as to encourage and accelerate more agribusiness ventures in the Nation. The federal government should run inclusive project teams that give the host communities opportunities to be featured in the project as well contribute for its sustainability. Agricultural Economics professionals should handle the funds related to agriculture as this is the only way target beneficiaries can access funds with caution and effect the National budget for speedy execution of projects the fund is made available for.
There is also a need to retrain farmers to withstand current climate changes that affect crops as well as provide them with expert knowledge on improved seedlings to enhance better yields in the 2021 farming year. Effective farming records should be encouraged to enable financial institutions and investors come in to do business with the farmers.

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