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Leadership is Positive Influence; Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

Leaders emerges from an open field of impacting, empathy and selfless service to humanity. It's important we note that what triggers good leaders to accomplish their mandates is passion for their subject not gain or political interest. As a nation until our mindset is shift towards those we governed towards meeting their basic and fundamental needs else we will keep ratling about. Examplary leadership style remain the only channel to sustain and transfer ledership quality to sucessor generation leaders while maintain already led out structure in governance. Effective communication process is an indispensable tools for leaders to build formidable team to achieve a common or corporates goals. Tell me any successful leaders and i will point to you his strategic communication process. Anything leaders begin to restrain and hide sensitive and vital information within concern group, then misunderstanding will set in which will further divid than to rebuild. Its on this note i urge our leaders to ensure they live up to their responsibility so as not to push their responsility to another which can lead to compromise and procastination which is the killer of potential.


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