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Session Outcome of Some Mentors of The Leaders' Hub and Representative of We For Change Organization on Zoom

The Leaders Hub is platform where successor generational leaders are groomed and empowered to succeed in entrepreneurship development, business and good governance system. Mentoring and coaching are tools we consider very important in achieving the above goals for raising emerging young leaders globally.
On 4th February 2021 12:13PM Nigerian time the Leaders Hub received a request from We for Change (WFC) a well known organization at Nepal for leadership and business coaching. We quote the chat
I am Bivuti Basnet, a 22 year old youth activist from Nepal. I am currently working at a youth-led youth NGO (16-24 age group) situated in Kathmandu, Nepal. I checked out The Leader's Hub and find it very inspiring. I would love to learn more from you regarding youth employment and transformational leadership strategies
The Leaders Hub team of Mentors carried out research which shows that We for Change was established in 2012, is a non profit youth-led organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We for Change is the only youth led organization of Nepal that is entirely led by 16 to 24 age group of young people highly committed in engaging and empowering young people of Nepal through leadership and capacity building initiatives through; group learning, sports, meditation, yoga, music and dance to solve issues of leadership, livelihood, environment sustainability, health, disaster management. It is amazing to know its sponsors have always make fund available as when needed for projcet execution that have led to a milestone success of; 21,035 young people reached; 13 Districts Covered; 5 Projects Implemented; and 31 Programs Organized for the youths. Its on this background that The Leaders Hub are coming to support this youtful organization to do more by coaching them on how to be self-reliants productive and creative to support the efforts of they sponsors in developing the organization further. In surmouting the above challenge, the Leaders Hub and its mentors held introductory meeting to chat way forward. Here are the resolution from the first meeting; On the 17th of February 2021, mentors from Leaders' Hub held a Zoom meeting/mentoring with some leaders of WE FOR CHANGE Organization from Nepal, with 75% male and 25% females, on the challenges facing the Organization. The meeting was held in order to find a lasting solution to some of the challenges that the Organization is faced with and how to be relevant in the country. The representatives complained of noninclusion of youth, the inability to get their projects sponsored by other international Organizations and the challenge of getting a direct contact of the Organizations they intend getting sponsorship from coupled with lack of innovation. During the course of meeting, lots of challenges were raised and possible solutions were given. Introduction was done by the Amb Emmanuel who talked about leadership and what leadership entails. He also spoke about mentorship and how to be a good mentor through transformational leadership. Leaders who can pass on what they learn to their society and also other youths. In addition, the floor was given to Ambassador Dr Uzoma to profer solutions to the challenges faced by WE FOR CHANGE. Dr Uzoma started by introducing himself and went further to say that the reason why youth are not taken seriously was due to the non inclusion of youthfulness expressed by the Nepalese National Anthem, That "There is no single phrase or line in the National anthem inclined to the youths". This he said is the main reason why the youths are not so considered in Nepal coupled with the lack of resourcefulness. He gave example with Nigeria and also Ghana where the national anthem captured the youth, stating that a national anthem is not just a song but a well articulated bundle of vision. And as matter of rule, a vision fuels one with confidence to take action in the right direction. After Dr Uzoma Chigozie spoke, the next to speak was Ambassador Umar Ibrahim Adamu who introduced himself and went ahead to ask the Representatives of WE FOR CHANGE if they understood the full meaning of SDGs and how many goals it encompasses. The WE FOR CHANGE leader answered the question and Ambassador Umar went ahead by congratulating the organization and also commending their efforts for setting up such visionary organization with such age range of 16 - 24 years. But he stated that he feels the age limit is part of the problems that's making the organization not to gain more relevance and recognition in the face of government. He stated also that it will be better to make the age limit up to the standard of United Nations and also he advised that they should embark on projects which are sustainable and impactful, and he also pointed that they should try to work with the SDGs goals where he mentioned Goal #1 (Poverty elevation), Goal #2 (Zero hunger), Goal #3 (Good health and well-being), Goal #4 (Quality Education), Goal #5 (Gender equality), and Goal #17 (Partnership to achieve the goals). The best way to alleviate poverty is to adopt the culture of entrepreneurships - skill acquisitions and more. He also advised that they should get partners and sponsors for their projects according to SDG Goal #17 stating that they can't do it all by themselves if the mission of the United Nations is to be achieved before 2030 through partnership. Lastly he stated that they will keep mentoring them and help them achieve their mission and objectives. After Ambassador Umar Ibrahim Adamu was Comrade Ayo who is an economist and an entrepreneur. He encouraged them to capitalize on their available resources and advised that they should utilize their resource locations by converting them into centre of attraction. He stated that the organization should look inward on what they can generate from available resources and also focus more on entrepreneurships. He also said that the organization should collaborate with the government for better results and effective activities in the nation. Follow-Up Mechanism There should be proper data gathering, effective and efficient management and Monitoring. The Leaders' Hub mentors are to develop checklists for follow-up on various aspect of programs under the organization. The meeting/Mentoring ended at exactly 2:20pm Nigerian time. Names of Mentors of Leaders' Hub are: 1. Amb Emmanuel Igwe
2. Amb Dr Uzoma Chigozie
3. Comrade Ayo
4. Amb Umar Ibrahim Adamu
Names of representatives from WE FOR CHANGE organization are: 1. Prayas K.C. - Secretary
2. Bivuti Basnet - Senior Finance Officer
3. Sanif Kandel - Executive Member
4. Srijana Gautam - Finance Officer
The leaders hub and its mentors will liase with We for Change representatives by engaging them with series of meeting, workshop to groom them up. This will be fully launch in the coming weeks.

Building a Global Green Economy is Possible? - Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

We live in the world of uncertainties; everyone has a role to perform to safe guard the nature for future.
The greatest challenge we face as human comes in our environment that’s caused continues abuse of nature, over grazing and undermining of environmental good practices. Today the negative effects include i)desert encroachment ii) Climatic Change iii)Gradual exist of natural species iv) Global warming. Sadly, it has also confronted us today with numerous illnesses both discovered and hidden ones. United Nations Sustainability Solution Network (UNSDSN) is in the frontline of combating these unhealthy environmental practices, reduction of burning of fossils that have green way to solar energy, hydroelectricity among others. This is a great achievement in building green and sustainable economy, but then we must understand third world countries are yet to get acclimatize with usage, suppose benefit and danger of it if not in use. That’s where the role of leaders sets in.
Setting up, organizing routine sensitization program to educate the masses the need for world to embrace green economy. Also effort should be channel for collaboration with international Non-Governmental Organization and developed nations doing that will go a long way in creating healthy eating lifestyle and conducing environment for all. We must understand what happen in a region also affect other directly or indirect regardless of geographical location. This can be better projected with recent outbreak of Covid 19 which started in Wuhan in China today the world had share from same cup of sorrow. This send a signal, we must stand together in unity to build the future we yearn for with inclusiveness diversity and integration.


In a world where we have all been taught to run away from failure, it would sound almost detrimental to teach that failure is needed. Failure has been made to sound synonymous to giving up and, because of this, many people have been wooed away from the helpful benefits of failing.
Bill Gates once said "Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people to think they can't fail." This means that failure does something remarkable to a person. Success makes successful people to think they know it all while failure teaches the teachable soul. Without failure, there is no success story that would have happened
. The morbid fear for failure is what has caused some of the rifts in the world. Ponder on that! Many are frightened to death about failure. The big question is, how does one relate with failure? Here are tips to help you with that. 1. Stay down until you learn. Resilience is not stupidity. Many people keep jumping up without turning inward to learn why they failed. Do all the research in the world. Read all the relevant books on the subject. Learn first why you failed before getting up. Otherwise, you will repeat the failure. 2. Draw up a different strategy. Many people even after some attempts at learning still believe in their old strategy. According to Zig Ziglar, that is insanity. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. If you have truly learned why you failed, it should show in your next move. 3. Build a reliable team. Team up with great minds. Jack Ma said it this way: You need the right people, not the best people. Often, many don't know the difference. Right people talks about attitude while the best people talks about skill. If you partner with the most skilled people who have an unhealthy attitude, you will still fail with time. Keep a healthy attitude yourself if you want to win. 4. Keep in mind that failure can still happen again even if you did everything right. You could get the right team, set up excellent core values and principles in your workplace, draw up wonderful strategies and still fail. Les Brown once said "If life knocks you down, try and land on your back because if you can look up, you can get up." Never give up. Let me say it again, never give up. So I leave you with my original quote: You cannot feed on success alone. You need failure too. Life tastes better like smoothie with both. I am Dr. Uzoma Chigozie, a disruptive thinker and personal development coach. For enquiries and consultation, call +234 8055 6515 42


Often, many people do not quite appreciate the cost implication of the things they engage in. If they were to sit down and analyze their life, they would discover that, on many occasions, they made decisions without a full grasp of what it will cost them. For example, I made a decision to study clinical medicine in Nigeria without knowing the cost of that decision. I didn't know that that decision would mean I would have to bury my head in the books even when I wanted to raise it. I didn't know I would have to stick my head into the sand of my books even when I got the radio frequency of an interesting story. Stories kept flying over my head although I caught some. In retrospect, I remember some senior colleagues who wouldn't respond to my greeting when they are reading for a text/quiz. And I used to imagine them been stuck in an inescapable trance. Frankly, the cost of that decision meant an unrefined relationship skill which, amazingly, was supposed to be the crux of my life. That decision framed a world for me. My friends, the few I had, were those in my field of study. I barely knew people around me. I was nearly a lone wolf in a jungle of people. Fast forward to life after school, I knew I had to consciously cultivate a good relational skill if I wanted to become successful. It is helping me now although I wouldn't say I have attained the peak. So I ask, "You, who desire to pay attention to the path of the wealthy, do you know the cost of your desire? You, who want to get married, do you understand the cost of being married? You who want to have a lot of friends, do you understand the cost of having many friends? Do you know that there is a responsibility to show yourself friendly to them all? Can you bear that cost? Very often, we don't sit down to count the cost. The man who wants to travel on the path of the wealthy, does he know that there is a responsibility placed upon him by reason of the affluence to take care of the poor? Or does he think the affluence is there to take care of his own needs only? The man who has been made to believe in the piety of penury, does he understand the cost of that? Does he know that it would mean that he tucked his ego into his pocket to ask and beg? Every decision you make has its cost. Do you know what it is? I recommend that you sit down in a quiet place and ask questions about the cost of that decision you are about to make. When it seems easy just know that the hard is tucked under. When Jesus gave his recruitment pitch, "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light," little did his disciples know that the cost of taking his yoke (Matthew 11: 29, 30). However, the beginning of the next chapter told us the first cost they had to bear. They became very hungry. The hunger was so severe that these men who were raised to know the Jewish norms violated the sabbath. Of course, they were following a single man who told anyone who cared to listen that foxes have holes but he has no place to lay his head. When the Pharisees complained, the men were so busy eating that Jesus had to defend them. Imagine that Jesus was not there. Perhaps, the Pharisees would've lashed out at them. My candid advice for you in this new year and new month is to sit down first and count the cost of your decisions.
Action Points: 1. After you have heard the pitch, sit down and count the cost. Ask targeted questions at the recruiter if need be. 2. Check if you have sufficient to finish the cost. Starting is good but finishing is great. 3. When you have checked it and are sure you can win, take action. I am Dr. Uzoma Chigozie, a disruptive thinker cum personal development coach. This year, I look forward to seeing you at the top. For enquiries and consultation, call or WhatsApp +234 805 565 1542

Strategic Leadership & Sustainability is Key to Nations Building - Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

As a leader it’s very important you go extra mile to protect and preserve your ecosystem. This is considered paramount as it will definitely affect the quality of lives, kinds of opportunities and future of your followers that is to say it shapes the world around you.
The world is experiencing climate shift in recent time as results of environmental pollution which should have been control if the concern agency take responsibilities, who know by today certain earthquakes, landslide and exit of our natural species would have been reduce drastically. This write up is wake up call to our leaders to be at vigilant and enforce necessary action that will help regulate and protect nature as it affect everyone regardless of economics status, religious or cultural background. The leaders hub took a research in one of the rural communities in Jikwoyi Abuja, Nigeria to find out while people living in those areas are reportedly been a victim of malaria chlorella and elephantiasis from medical records.
We find out the area is densely populated and without proper water channels as a results a lots of damp water that could harbor dangerous microorganism could be found there. With regards to the above challenge we encourage the concern government agency to double their effort in ensuring:
1)That the people have access to quality drinking water and 2)They communities should welcome collaboration from real estate firm to build quality and affordable houses and it should be adopt in line with SDGs guideline and protocols.
Step Forward: The government should holistically consider partnering with private firm who provide means to quality water supply by granting tax holiday to new company in this regards in doing that the communities will benefit more from social amenities and diversify economic activities. The community heads should work closely with investors to sustain developmental plans The communities should be carry along as well be given opportunities to participates in whatever project initiated in the communities in doing that sustainability of it results will be assured.

Leadership is not a Career but Calling: Mentoring Words - Emmanuel Igwe

Transformational leaders lead with focus and determination, hence they encounter less hitches and distraction in discharge their duties. When a leader is resourceful committed and dynamic they do not just succeed in their tenure but will leave indelible impacts in the lives of the followers. This point can be better being portrait with exemplary leadership role from late Nelson Mandela of South Africa. After he pass on, the quality of his leadership style is been kept and celebrated all around the world today. Many people felt leadership is act of enriching and satisfying personal motive and gain, hence they step into leadership with this wrong mindset and struggle to effect positive change in the lives of their followers. Leadership is a conscience and conscious journey with clear mindset that is entails by the kinds of goals set and means of attaining it. When leaders adopt holistic and inclusive method in taking decision, implementing it will not be a problem. This is because the right people form formidable team hence supports is assured. The leaders hub will like to: Encourage young emerging leaders to always define what they want before going into leadership and most importantly should have model the want bring in. They should consider leadership quest as a calling that can pose heavy task and responsibility that will demand inclusive participatory roles of others.

Raising Credible Successors: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

Leadership is not all about personal immediate gain, satisfaction or recognition rather ability to keep and maintain chosen pattern of influencing people positively without coercion to achieve a set goals both in the present and future. What makes you a credible leader is that outstanding quality that you deployed as a brand to attain successive leadership portfolio. It’s pertinent as a credible leader to ensure who succeed you perform better than you, hence it entails you creating healthy and enabling political terrain to enable your successor thrive. There is also need to embark on trans-generational project, this connotes long term projects with intention reposition your follower for lifetime benefits which not just solves immediate needs rather it addresses future needs of intended beneficiaries. But then, for this to be feasible the predecessor must keep and maintain a close relationship with the successor and be ready to ensure his or her successor succeed. Leadership is a call for self-denial, sacrifice, supreme price if it must work with its core values of discipline, dedication, accountability, transparency and empathy. Young leaders who deploy this value remain outstanding in their sphere and keep making headway in their generation. Credible Successors are Transformational leaders who don’t wait for change to come but cause change to happen. They are best described as CHANGEMAKERS. A nation where this leader handle the key economic sectors always experience progressive economic reward, thereby boost the GDP and promote export earnings and foreign reserved. When this is in place, the quality of lives the people will be improved and human capacity development will be fully deploy to work. Credible Successors are known creative leaders who pick up challenge and proffer solution to provide better way of meeting needs of the people. We must also note; credible leaders consider their subject first and place them in high priority when taking position in decision making.