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Human capacity development is key in building network of successful entrepreneurs in developing nations
. Now this is one of the challenge confronting Africa decision making to address as they still believe successful entrepreneurs emerged by magic, individual effort as such the whole journey towards becoming successful in entrepreneurs are not being budgeted by relevant agency in government. My name is Emmanuel Igwe in the series I will take you step ahead to introduce to key step stakeholders need to deploy in raising and supporting business owners strike balance, create new business to span, growth and development.
First thing an entrepreneur should consider is need for continue growing by trying new thing until you find perfect fit so is in the entrepreneurial world that is the only we to keep relevant and satisfy your clients. Hence turning a large or small business into a bigger one is never easy. But our new tech reality holds countless examples and ideas of sustainable business growth strategies as well as opportunities for a strong competitive advantage.
Why innovation: The Government need to start to reward innovation and creativity among its citizen irrespective of their economy class and promote gender balance opportunity to give more women ready to run and owned a business. As we all know that the eldest keys to any successful business is being able to come up with new or unique ideas to keep offers fresh in enabling environment. Bringing those ideas to reality means you are creating innovation. Today, every business claims to be super innovative and modern. So, you have a much greater task in trying to provide a product or service that will benefit customers with new values through unseasonal improve service delivery. Hence, making innovations is one of the most sustainable paths to growth because people constantly want more new products with super capabilities.
Customer Retention Hand in hand with growth is the value that you offer to your client or customer. Demonstrating that value from the start of the relationship not only helps you secure future loyalty, but helps you improve your pipeline via word-of-mouth referrals. Growth has a multifaceted gear wheel attached to it that involves many aspects of nurturing new and existing relationships and defining value. That is why Innovations are just critical to success! A successful innovation strategy can increase workplace productivity, make people remember your brand, help you unlock value, create a way for creative thinking in your organization, and make you stand out from the crowd.
Client Satisfaction & Footprint Growth is largely related to client satisfaction and geographical footprint. Client satisfaction can be achieved by delivering a better experience, innovating new products/services and managing employee satisfaction to allow them to be ambassadors of the brand. Geographical footprint is related to how you manage cash flow, margins and investment to expand into new territory that will lead to growth. The Leaders Hub now train and guide our training apply what they are taught in real life situation. Kindly give us a call +2347039368729 or send text for quick respond.


For decades, scholars have recognized the important role that digital economy and Communication technologies (ICT) can play in supporting nations in advancement and work plan enhancement. ICTs can bring high value information to the world's poor; for instance information on improved techniques for e-agriculture, access to education and health services, and access to government services. My name is Emmanuel Igwe from The Leaders Hub in this series I will be focus on corporate entrepreneurship as tool for nations building. Discussing this I felt it will good to take reference from United State of American, Germany and China this nations are consider as entrepreneurs hub and center of human capital development. These nations were able to attain this by providing enabling environment for the entrepreneurs to thrive. Below are basic necessity for country to enable its citizen attain climax of their career fair.
1. Fix electricity: research show over 95% of enterprise that contribute towards nations GDP, create jobs, and boost economic activity thrive on stable and reliable power supply hence government shouldn’t limit the potential of its citizens with epileptic power supply hence there is need for public and private partnership to fix this challenge if it exist. 2. Start-up capital: It have been proving many entrepreneurs fails to launch their venture in account of financial limitation. The Leaders Hub calls on concern agency of government to hasten effort in making soft loan, grants available and accessible with minimum bureaucratic process for its citizen to setup their enterprise in so doing will help government reduce rate of unemployment. 3. ICT Support: Information Communication Technology as tools for reaching economic and social development goals characterized by efforts to adopt Internet-connected computers to deliver information and services to rural populations. In so doing more opportunity will be taken down to grassroots level thereby spinning evening development.


Good day The Leaders Hub esteem viewers in this session I will make effort to clear the air on what you need to have as an entrepreneur to be successful. Once again my name is Emmanuel Igwe from The Leaders Hub. Many entrepreneurs think
money is the principal factor to launch their idea into the market segment it’s not! You can kick start your business without necessary money in your pocket, what is essential is your rugged determination rate of your focus while making your idea communicable so investors to buy into it. May I shock you to let you that money only constitute 30% success for any start-up to succeed? In a nutshell it means if you have only it has your resources in your venture then you are doom to fail as matter of fact since there is still other 70% key strategic roles you need to have on board as an entrepreneur to scale through. It’s on this note I will be highlighting some of these success key you need to activate to break ground in your business, you may ask what kind of business the good news is, its applicable to all businesses you only need to channel it into your set goals and mission to harness it dividends. 1. Lean Proposal: This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to make its business plan simplify for its working team to understand their key roles in channeling their energy and for third party being investor to have a holistic view of the business.
This kind of write places the integrity and nature of activities need to execute is a clear perspective, indicating targets beneficiaries, stakeholders and competitors advantage. 2. Skillful presentation strategies: This is an avenue you have as a business owner to convince the public that you know and meant what you are doing or intend to do. Until you are able to do it properly your idea will remain a mirage to the public. Take note you are required to develop an IT skills in Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel among other presentation tools to make an attractive presentation.
But then make sure you understand the categories of your audience and their needs so you can convey acceptable message about your venture. Again remember a define short story about your idea or business might make a headway in your pitch. 3. Kindly lets us know if this tips were helpful and feel free to share any challenge about your venture with us you can send direct message to , place quick call +2348167981382 or invite us for workshop/seminar as occasion may demand we are always available to provide you with professional service.


Researches have shown, it’s only with technological driven enterprise can contributes towards sustainable the income of business owner hence influence nation GDP. My name is Emmanuel Igwe The Leaders Hub chief executive officer. In this short write-up I will take you through workable approaches successful entrepreneurs adopts to arrive where they are today but first I want to understand if you are a transforming leader in your communities, making impact and that is why The Leaders Hub deemed it vital to provide you with what to do to get it done if the case is opposite.
Someone may ask but sir, how do I start, the good news is that you can start now from the very point you. Check what you are holding in your hand, mobile phone perhaps android phone you can do a lot of good to yourself by navigating the net and do some online learning about choice your desire venture.
You don’t need government job to be financially independent; you need more skills and experience to be free from idleness and joblessness. Ride with me as I take you to some basic step to take: 1. Identify a role model and read so more about them while learning from their mistake and take note of their recommendations 2. Never start any venture without thorough study of what it takes to scale it through. 3. Consider ICT role in your venture as Google IT personnel I tell you this will enhance and promote your idea faster than you can ever imagine.
4. Create time to attend workshop that can contribute to your level of knowledge about that venture 5. Understand market trends before launching your products 6. Set achievable target per time and set metric to measure the outcomes 7. Try new things and ensure you operate within your area of jurisdiction 8. Stick to what workout for your enterprise and spend more time building on your core strength 9. Keep improving on your venture meeting demands and value quality than quantity for your product to remain relevant 10. We are available to guide you and will welcome any invitation because our concerning is to be part of your success story.

The Leaders Hub Introductory/Engagement Sessions with SDSN Nigeria Youth.

On 19th June 2021 The leaders Hub Executive engaged the Sustainable Development Solution Network (SDSN) Nigeria for partnership. The session was to get familiarize with programme of SDSN in Nigeria and to be features as member to support the efforts of SDSN Nigeria in lifting Nigeria youth out of poverty line through entrepreneurship and skills acquisition. The leaders hub is optimistic if carry along by SDSN they will not just work with them but pledge to be a frontier in supporting then achieve SDGs in Nigeria.
The Leaders Hub assure SDSN Nigeria they had fortified programme already rolled out to meet up with global demand to; End hunger and poverty Promote Quality Education Equality and Gender Promotion As well Rural transformation project for human capacity building. In attendance from the leaders hub were Amb. Emmanuel Igwe Amb. Ibrahim Umar Comrade Ayodeji Ogunlabi Dr. Uzoma Chigozie Mr. Solomon Imeje While the panelist were drawn from SDSN Nigeria while the coordinator SDSN Nigeria was represented by Ms Faith Olayiwola along with are other institutional SDSN coordinators. In coming weeks will be leashing out the impact of this meeting and get you inform on how you can be part of the project about to be launch on youth empowerment.


The leaders Hub is now a recognized member of United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network (UNSDSN). It’s a golden opportunity for us here to put more energy together to leverage on existing opportunities available especially now the world are in dare need for sustainability practice to conserve and preserve existing natural resources. We will engage organization, institution and civil societies with program that will enhance their knowledge and bring them closer to greener economy in line with United Nations SDGs and guidelines.
We will welcome any organization, institution that need master class as our young competent and gifted personnel are available for consultation, invitation and chat. We have rolled out plan to begin visit to schools, institutions and civil societies to educate them on the needful and guide them familiarize with sustainable plan to enhance speedy development process within their community and beyond. But this task will be easier if concern establishment book appointment with us so we can better understand what will really work for the organization as we may know that the subject in discussion is versatile. Our core aim is raise conscience and conscious young leaders who are conversant with sustainable development and to support them deploy this knowledge in solving most pressing challenge of human need.


ECONOMIC BENEFITS OF DIGITAL MARKETING From the above developments, we can deduce that Digital Marketing helps in the growth and expansion of global economy in several ways. Below are some of them:
1. Better growth options for Small Scale Businesses: The importance of Digital Marketing for businesses lies in the option to select your method of marketing as per your budget and also the opportunity to reach a wider audience at a lesser cost. 2. Higher Conversion Rate: The businesses that are opting for Digital Marketing methods are able to measure the conversion rate real time using a simple method.the method involves identifying the percentage of viewers who get converted into leads and then subscribers who in the end make purchase of the product or service. Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing are methods which have high conversion rate. This therefore brings conversion to the economy.
3. Establishing Brand Reputation: For any business to survive in this 21st Century, the one thing that they truly need to work upon is establishing a brand that stands out. Customers like to patronize brands that are devoid of scandals, inferiority, sub-standard and poor quality. The importance of Digital Marketing today lies in offering you multiple ways to establish personal rapport with your customer base. Digital Marketing provides such avenues. 4. Solving Customers Problems: One of the key secrets to business and economic expansion is by solving customers’ problems. When you make customers happy by solving their problems, they in turn introduce you to other customers. This therefore leads to expansion in the business. Be it Email Marketing or Social Media Marketing, you can always offer customers the various solutions to their problems or make them relate well to your products or services by going further to even providing live chat access. Your website and social media pages can easily be converted into a place where customers can ask questions give queries or give suggestions.
5. Engagement with Mobile Customers: In more recent times, nearly almost all websites are made in a manner that makes them easily viewable on mobile applications as well. This is because almost all prospects or customers have access to smart phones and most of them always look for products on their mobile devices. 6. Expansion of Faith in your Brand: The presence of your brand and services on multiple platforms gives the option to customers to rate your services as per their level of experience. A favorable review left by a satisfied customer causes the new ones to immediately convert to loyal customers. This, in turn leads to the building of strong image in the minds of new prospects and customers thereby leading to more sales conversion.
7. Better Profit Returns on Investment: Digital Marketing tends to be more cost effective. Even a single level of investment in a mode of Email Marketing has the capacity to deliver better results in terms of customer engagement. Also, using Web Analytics helps the business owners know whether the website is providing best profit returns. 8. Computable Form of Marketing: It is very difficult to keep track of growth from traditional marketing. But with the use of Digital Marketing tactics, every step of success is measurable. Digital Marketing works in real-time situations as it shows as it shows the visible success or failures of each and every tactics that has been used. This enables the user to choose the best tactics that shows the best results. 9. Expanding Audience Reach: The most important benefit of Digital Marketing is the ability to reach your audience to the fullest. Under the traditional Marketing, the user is limited by the scope and size of the audience. Also, print media limits your visibility to certain markets and places. For instance, The Targeted Audience Approach gives the leverage to further reach out to your target audience. There are higher chances that your audience is spending time on various Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Face book and the like. You can use the Targeted Audience Approach to publish an advertisement for the purpose of gaining more engagements with your audience. 10. Easy Adaptation to Tactics and Strategies: Through Digital Marketing, you can easily understand through the results of tactics the method that is giving you results and the one that is not. Strategies that are implemented in online marketing gives you results on a real-time basis. For instance, if you want to promote your blog page, then you can easily share your blogs on various Social Media platforms. With the help of Content Marketing, you can increase your engagement with your audience in a fast and accurate manner. CONCLUSION Today is the world of Digital Marketing and this is very important to all businesses. The future of Digital Marketing seems very bright at the moment. In the past decades, while businesses were competing with each other’s marketing strategy, now the future is shifting to a fight against the entire internet. This is the time when brands will have to use different methods to make indelible and global impact on the customers.
Surviving in such cut-throat competition is only possible if you can devise and implement a unique marketing strategy that gives both potential and existing customers sufficient reasons to opt for you.


In the field of Economics and general production of goods and services, distribution of the produced items in such a manner that reaches the consumer in a quick, safe and efficient way is a major challenge that many face. Whereas much time, energy and efforts have been exerted in the production process, if the final outcome of the product or services does not reach the final consumer, all the costs and efforts will result to exercise in futility.
From the above submission, the need for Marketing comes to play. Marketing can therefore be considered as the action or process of promoting and selling products or services that includes market research and advertising. On the other hand, Digital describes electronic technology that generates stores and processes data. Therefore, Digital Marketing is the activity of integrating electronic technology and data processing for the purpose of promoting the sales of goods and services including market research and advertising for the benefits of the consumers.
Digital Marketing otherwise known as online marketing is broadly broken down into 7 main categories. They include: 1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) 2. Pay -Per – Click (PPC) 3. Social Media Marketing 4. Content Marketing 5. Email Marketing 6. Mobile Marketing 7. Marketing Analytics 1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The aim of SEO is to get a business to rank higher in Google search results. This further increases search engine traffic to the business’ website. There are certain factors that bring improvement to a site’s SEO. Such factors include content indexing, good link structure, key words, key words targeting etc
2. Pay – Per – Click (PPC): PPC refers to paid advertisements and promoted search engine results. It is short –term in nature. This means that once you no longer pay, the ad no longer shows. This is another way of increasing search traffic to a business using online processes. Examples of PPC are advertisements you see at the top, bottom or sides of a page of a search results, the ads you see while browsing the web, short video ads before YouTube videos and ads in mobile apps. 3. Social Media Marketing: This includes everything a business does through various social media platforms. Social media platforms includes Face book, twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. social media marketing goes beyond simply creating posts for social channels and responding to comments. To be very effective, efforts must be made towards making consisted and coordinated posts. A crucial part of social media marketing is analytics. Marketing Analytics is the process of analyzing the performance of social media posts and creating strategies based on data generated. Social media marketing requires a blend of creative thinking, objectivity and data-driven strategy for it to be effective. 4. Content Marketing: This is an approach that uses story-telling and information sharing to increase brand awareness. The ultimate aim of content marketing is to make the reader take an action towards becoming a customer. Content Marketing methods propels the prospect to take certain actions like requesting for more information, signing up for an email list or directly making a purchase. Content marketing may refer to blog post, white papers, e-books, digital videos, podcasts, etc. Content marketing is most suitable for people who enjoy writing or audio productions. 5. Email Marketing: This method is closely related to Content Marketing in that it sends ads to people’s email addresses. This is effective in reaching out to prospective customers who regularly open up their email inboxes. Email marketing software can offer many different analytical measures. 6. Mobile Marketing: This is the process of targeting marketing campaigns to mobile device users. Mobile technology is not just the future, it has revolutionized business. Mobile devices are key communication tools for most consumers in the US and other developed countries across the world. 7. Marketing Analytics: This is the practice of measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance in order to maximize its effectiveness as well as maximizing returns on investment of businesses. Marketing Analytics allows you to monitor campaigns and other respective outcomes thereby enabling the organization spend resources in the most effective way. Furthermore, records have shown that 65% of Americans use smart phones. Also, statistics shows that about 70% of mobile search triggers several actions within an hour.

Roles of Mentors in Nation Building - Emmanuel Igwe

Renowned leaders are made! When a nation lack formidable support of experience person(s) to provide support in their sphere then its like a nation a moving vehicle without driver.
As the world rally for competency in leadership it’s also very necessary we build an ecosystem that can encourage experience leaders to give back to the society through mentorship and guidance.
When a leader tend to be an Island then, he/she has missed it, because as a leader you need people of like mind around you to compliment your weak point as we cannot deny the fact that every human has a week point hence will need to deal with.
There is nothing wrong leaders seeking for mentoring service beyond a continent inasmuch the leader make effort to do it lawfully within protocols for the concerns nation. Young leader means one who needs largely huge effort towards learning from dynamic and cross board to upgrade their leadership potentials.
The leader hub is working to bring in nations proudly mentors here to engage our young leaders in their sphere in months ahead, therefore kindly contact or send email to enable us at or call +2347039368729 to express your interest, while doing so bear it in means learning from experience personnel keeps will keep breaking ground in your field don’t missed out.

ICT Employability Training 2021 Cohort 2 in Progress

It is pertinent young men women to embrace ICT skills especially those in professional career line. The Leader Hub has streamline classes to fit in part-time and full time worker, we are doing this to prepare you head of digital era to plan and execute your work schedule without any drudgery with or without supervision.
ICT employability skills will equip you with tools to take up leadership position in your organization in supporting management team to plan for future. The Leaders Hub has over the year supported uprising and age organization by reviving the workforce team with digital skills. We have well experience instructors and mentor to counsel you as well guide you in making this training a turning point in your career.
Civilize society are people's who are technology savvy, the leaders hub deeming it crucial for future workforce to be relevant there should be continue upgrading of digital skills for the entrepreneurs and the public office holder. Connected development is advance stage of productivity through ICT driven individual hence this training is for you as part of our social corporate responsibility it’s at NO COST at the moment terms and condition applied. All courses are virtual so you can stay at your comfort zone or in workplace to attend.
All interested applicants for this training should fill the leaders hub express of interest form on this blog site or send us direct whatsapp message via +2347039368729 so we can include you in pools of our multi-talent hub group to receive updates. For mentoring and counseling call the admin at +2348167981382