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What is plastic? Plastic is define as a materials that contains an essential ingredient which are made up if organic substance of large molecular weight. They are polymers of long carbon chains.
Plastic was discovered by a famous German Chemist. Christian Schonbein in 1846. Plastic were discovered accidentally. Christian was performing in the kitchen and by accident he spilt a mixture of nitric acid and sulphuric acid. To mop the solution, he took a cloth and after moping he kept it over the store.After sometime, the cloth disappeared and form their plastic got its name. Types of plastics Plastic are divided into two types depending on it physical properties. They are as follows: i. Thermoplastic = They are plastic that can be deformed easily upon heating and can be bent easily linear polymers and a combination of linear and cross-linked polymers come under Thermoplastics, Example are PVC, nylon, polythene, etc.
Thermosetting: They are plastics that cannot be softened again by heating once they are mould. Heavily cross-linked polymers come under this category. Examples of thermosetting plastic are Bakelite for making electrical switches.
And the other example of thermosetting is melamine which is use for floor tiles.
Properties of plastic 1. Strong and ductile 2. Poor conductors of heat and electricity 3. Easily mould into different shape and size 4. Resist corrosion and are resistant to many chemicals 5. Low processing cost 6. Good transparency and wear resistance. Polyethylene. They are the mostly commonly used thermoplastics in the world. The primary application of polyethylene (polythene) is in packaging. It is often use to make plastic bags, bottles, plastic films, containers. Etc
Polyethylene Properties 1. They exhibit strong creep when placed under a persistent force. 2. The mechanical strength of polyethylene is comparatively lower than other plastics. 3. They are very good insulators of electric current. 4. The rigidity and the hardness of the polymer are relatively low. 5. They exhibit strong creep when place under continuous force. Types of polyethylene 1. High-density polyethylene. (HDPE) High-density polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer produced from the monomer.
2. High-density cross-linked (HDXLPE) is a form of polyethylene with cross-links that is used for building services pipework system.
3. Medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) medium density polyethylene, are raw granulated sheet that do not compromise on the quality of the developed products at last long.
4. Cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) cross-linked polyethylene is a polymer with a unique molecular structure that is comprised of link-chains.
5. Low-density polyethylene, are soft flexible light weight plastic material.
Use of polyethylene - It is used in packing products - It is used for cable jacketing because it is a good insulator of electric current - LDPE is also used in pipes, fittings, garbage bags, food packaging etc. - HDPE is also used in rope, fishing and agricultural nets and industrial fabrics. Uses of plastic 1. Plastic are used to manufacture products that are used in our homes, products used in our homes, products used for building construction and infrastructure.
2. Plastic help to keep food safe and fresh
3. Plastic are used for the manufacturing of our computer, cell phone, television and microwave. Almost all appliances around us are made from plastic.
4. Plastic are used to make safety gear
5. Plastic are used in making toys.
6. Plastic is used to store water
7. Plastic is used for coating electric wire
What is Plastic Waste Plastic waste, or plastic pollution, is the accumulation of plastic objects (e.g. plastic bottles, plastic bags) in the Earth environment which later has adverse effects on the ecological system. As human population expand, the demand for plastic product increases. Manufacturers continue the production of plastic products which now resulted into this plastic waste dumped indiscriminately around our ecosystem causing environmental degradation.
What is Plastic Waste Recycling. Plastic waste recycling is the process of gathering waste plastic and reconverting them to new and useful and useable plastic product. Plastic waste recycling ensures that waste plastic does not go to waste. The waste are reprocess into another product for better use. Plastic recycling take less energy them making plastic from raw materials while helping to reducingfossil fuel consumption, rechanneling discarded plastic from the refuge stream and turning them into new goods, as such taken the material out of our natural environment. ENVIRONMENT IMPACT OF PLASTIC WASTE More plastic production keep increasing as the population of human keep expanding. And as such plastic waste is also increasing rapidly, and this increase commonage to more damage to our ecological system. Plastic usage and production have affected man’s daily living especially in most low-income nations. The quality and unique of plastics have also become a concern when it comes to the way they are disposed. For instance when plastic are use and dumped on the environment, they endure for long time in the surrounding to the that they are durable, and while thrown into the water bodies they continue to float on the surface because they are low density. More plastic production keep increasing as the population of human keep expanding. And as such plastic waste is also increasing rapidly, and this increase commonage to more damage to our ecological system. Plastic usage and production have affected man’s daily living especially in most low-income nations. The quality and unique of plastics have also become a concern when it comes to the way they are disposed. For instance when plastic are use and dumped on the environment, they endure for long time in the surrounding to the that they are durable, and while thrown into the water bodies they continue to float on the surface because they are low density. 1. Impact of Plastic Waste on Aquatic Life The life of earth’s living creatures is largely sustained by water bodies such as rivers, streams, oceans etc. as they provide most of the oxygen it breathes. The negative effective plastics had on these water bodies, is causing a concern over the condition of life and especially aquatic animals.
The rate at which the ocean is been polluted with plastic is around 12.7 million tones of plastic a year. The demand our action cause to marine life and our ecosystem is becoming irreparable. More than 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals die from plastic pollution every year. 100% of baby sea turtles have plastic on their stomachs. Everyday around 8 million pieces of plastic makes their way into our oceans. The tones of plastic used daily flows through our drains, ends up in rivers and makes its way into our oceans. At the rate we’re still using plastic, the problem is set to increase tenfold, the impact this has on the ecosystem, marine life and humans are potentially irreversible.
2, Impact on the Plastics Waste on Land Animals. It was recorded that more than 250 species of living organisms and invertebrates are either caught off in plastic or directly digested them. Man is at risk if they happen to consume plant that has been inflected with toxins from contaminated basically via ingestion and entanglement.
3.Impact of Plastic Waste on Human Life When plastics waste reaches the sea, it strangulates, kill or contaminate seafood. Animals can be poisoned by plastic pollution and thereafter contaminate water source and human food. Environment Hazard Associated with Plastic in Nigeria It has been estimate that plastic demand rose globally from over 320 million tons in 2015 to more than in 2020. This implies that plastic waste is rapidly increasing damage to our ecosystem. Plastic pollution is capable of affecting land, water ways and oceans as a large percentage of marine and land creatures have died due to the fact that plastic is non-biodegradable and it cause hazards to soil. Waste plastic, blocks drainages lines and fill up land space causing floods and erosion there by causing deterioration if the Nigeria roads. Land Pollution Plastic are present in large volume in human residential environment. Human is a social animal, all the plastic products which man consumed as a result of socialization are dump on the land. These products contaminate and damage the ecosystem which subsequently transferred to the aquatic environment
Water pollution: Millions of tones of plastic are annually released into the ocean, with about trillion plastic pieces floating in the ocean. The process of plastic degradation release toxic chemicals like polystyrene and BPA into the water causing water pollution
Air pollution: During the process of plastic waste decomposition on the land filled, it releases carbon dioxide and methane which are release into the atmosphere. Burning of plastic and plastic products CO2 is release in the atmosphere when trapped is capable of causing global warning.
Blocking of Waterline The indiscriminate deposable of waste is damaging the street, as well blocking the drainage system during the raining seasons. Plastic are dump on the street, when rain falls it carry these plastic into the drainage as a result of the erosion ,and it end up the blocking and resulted to flooding
Economic Benefit of Plastic Recycling To reduce pollution, by recycling plastic material we can hand fully reduce air pollution and as well as water pollution scientist have said by 2050, the numbers of plastic in the ocean will be more than the number of fishes. When plastic are recycle, they reduce the amount of green house and toxic emission release into the air as a result of burning plastic. Recycling require muchless energy and therefore helps to preserve natural resources The benefit of recycle 1. Reduce pollution across ecosystem = When plastic are manufacture, the amount of green house gases are very high as a result of petroleum that is burn. These gases are trapped in the air and pollute the ecosystem. When the plastic are recycle, emission that are hazardous to the environment is reduce. 2. Help conserve natural resources = Manufacturing of plastic from the scatter requires much more energy compared to producing products from recycled plastic. The manufacturing from the scatter requires more natural resources: water, petroleum, natural gases and coal as raw material. Recycling save more previous natural resources. 3. Promote a sustainable life style = When business create awareness and promote positive impacts of plastic reuse and recycling, they are sure to bring a change toward environment conservation. Proper waste management approach should be greatly adhering to in preserving our precious environment. Effective way of waste management There are three ways for management of plastic waste. They can be management through the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycling). But one of the most effective methods of plastics waste management is through recycling from a proper waste management system were waste dump are always taking to landfills. What is recycling? Recycling is simply collecting and process waste plastic materials that would have been thrown away as trash and reprocessing them into new products that produce wealth. Recycling is commonly known as “waste to wealth”. Recycling is the process of recovery operation on our environment by which waste that are harmful to our environment are collected and reprocessed into products, materials or substances whether for the original or for other usage. Recycling involves two ways: it can be reuse, and recovery. Recycling picture ii. Recovery waste means any operation in which the principal waste is serving a useful purpose by replacing other materials which would otherwise have been used to fulfill a particular function, waste being prepared. Recovery waste system is one way we can effectively help our environment by taking away waste products. Materials that would have rot in landfill or float out to become an environmental hazard can be reprocessed into usable materials for future products.
Plastic waste has become a menace in our society with a lot of increasing challenges everyday in Nigeria which cannot be over emphasized. The best way to manage plastic waste is through recycling. Plastic waste have tremendous benefits in various industries like construction, clothing making, Art and designed, among many others. What is a waste can become wealth tomorrow if they are properly managed. An empty plastic of milk today can be chair tomorrow. Recycling is what will need for a sustainable environment. Recycling is highly prescribed means of reducing greenhouse gases. According to intergovernmental panel on climate change, advertising waste then, is an obvious and proven means for conserving land and resources. Take a look at some of your waste milk jugs, shampoo, laundry detergent and household plastic can become. They can be lightweight and tough.
REFERENCES Heliyon (2020) Plastic Waste: Environment Hazard and Instrument for Wealth Creation in Nigeria. Plastic in the Ocean Statistic 2020 – 2021 Condor Ferries (2021). The Ecology of Recycling. Marian Chertow (2012). Okehinde O.J. Ramonu and L.D. Justin (2020). Plastic Waste: Environmental Hazard and Instrument for Wealth in Nigeria. Economic Benefits of Recycling. Mark Poberts (2017). Plastic Chemical Compound (1990). Ferdinand Podriguez. Sustainability in the Workplace: 5 Major Benefits of Plastic Recycling Nalalie K. Macvanish. Google photos

Lyceum College Students Abeokuta Shared Messages of Hope to Celebrate Nigeria @ 61

The Students Leadership Club of Lyceum College, Abeokuta Ogun State celebrated Nigeria @ 61 in another level
The club which was initiated by Ambassador Comrade Olawale Awaye who happened to be a teacher in the college had 16 students as members of the students leadership club. On Thursday 30th of September, 2021; the club organized first leadership talks tagged:
Rebuilding Nigeria and have Ambassador Praise Tochi Edeh (Dean, Nigeria Prize for Leadership Ambassadors) from Abuja as their guest speaker
. The event which was held on zoom was officially opened by the college vice principal academics, Mr Shofolahan immediately after the national prayer. The event was a colorful, interesting, fun and educative one.
Three members of the club namely;
Ola-Williams Jubilee, Babatunde Rhoda and Adesina Anike
sends message of hope and love to celebrate Nigeria at 61. Jubilee, a grade 10 student and a member of the club in her presentation titled
Our Land
described Nigeria as a land once made up of many futile dreams which Is and will become the greatest land the world have seen. According to Rhoda, a grade 8 student and member of the club said she have woken up to the reality to defend and protect her unity and as well project the positive Nigeria to the whole world which she believe will change foreign countries perspective over Nigeria. Anike, another member of the club and a grade 10 student of the college in her own presentation gave kudos to Nigeria’s past heroes. All these were powerful messages send to Nigeria and Nigerians on the needs to love our country, be patriotic and good ambassadors of the land.
On the other hand, the guest speaker, Ambassador Praise Tochi Edeh shared the vision of Nigerian Prize for Leadership and how the NPL ambassadors were mold, trained and mentored to lead a transformation and raise credible successor that will together change Nigeria for good. In his lecture, he congratulated Ambassador Comrade Olawale Awaye for his initiative and gargantuan effort he’s making in passing the baton to the younger ones. He encouraged the students to see the good side of the country always and take time to learn more, dream more and do more for themselves, school, community and the nation at large. Ambassador Praise, while encouraging the students to be focus and continue to work towards their vision, he sincerely appreciate the proprietor, the management and the staff of Lyceum College for the opportunity and welcoming the idea to create the club in their school. He described the school as a real place to learn. In his closing remark, Ambassador Comrade Olawale Awaye appreciated the school and give kudos to the proprietor of the school Mr Yinka Ola-Williams (fta) and his wife for the opportunity given to showcased the young leaders to the world and also appreciated the Nigerian Prize for Leadership Ambassadors for the network. He sends his greetings to all the participants especially Lyceum College parents who joined the zoom call and to those who watched live on Facebook page and finally appreciated all the teachers and the vice principals for their massive support towards the success of the program.
Ambassador Comrade Olawale Awaye concluded that the 16 members of the club would have a renewed mindset towards Nigeria and will pass through a great mentorship platform for personal and leadership development
. He noted that this is just the starting point as the club will cut across all secondary schools in Ogun State soon. He said, leadership problems must be fixed and it’s going to be a bottom-up approach.


2) Good communicator must consider the manner audience reacts to intending message being presented. If their first reaction is to shut down the message presented, it indicates that you may have poor communication skills.
While it’s important to thoroughly explore potential downsides of new ideas, projects and initiatives, it’s also needful to have a positive feedback to your audience. Do not allow yourself to be always be known as the ‘’NO’’ fellow. It can seriously hinder your reputation. Before responding negatively to opinions, ideas and initiatives take a quick mental inventory and answer these questions; i. Is there a solution to the problem I see? ii. Is any solution objectively better or do I just think that it is because its mine? iii. Do I understand the reasoning this idea, and can I express it to accepted level iv. Are there aspects of this idea that can be built upon? Instead of just saying ‘’NO’’ express your understanding of the thought process that got the presenter to their idea, and identify some positive aspects that can be use to find more optimal solution. The key thing here is that, instead of dismissing other ideas as bad, you present your own idea as better


What Good Communication Skill is Not Funny enough, some people have a lot of misconception about what effective communication is. A lot of people think effective communication is by giving out high sounding command, other think that good communication is by speaking big grammars.
In the light of the above, it is important for us to briefly look at what good communication is not so as to enable us know what good communication is; 1. Good Communication is Not One-Way Communication: Poor communicators most times feel frustrated that they not get feedbacks in meetings, emails, project planning, conference, etc. they get frustrated because they present their ideas, explain their plans and wait for questions or comments but get nothing. The issue maybe talking too much or very playful being a good communicator requires the ability to sit back and listen, in a way and manner that gives credence to start up a conversation. A good communicator must be deliberate enough to leave space and time for input from the receiver. A good communicator must learn to not to present their ideas in a fixed manner.


Records have shown that about 21% of entrepreneurs and business start ups fail due to non or poor communication and negotiation skills.
In this series of our write up for the purpose of clarity, it will be important to break down the concept of communication and negotiation from the onset before delving properly into their relevance to business and entrepreneurship development. If you are set for this lets begin with ‘’Communication’’
According to John Adair; Communication is essentially the ability of one person to make contact with another and make the intended message to be understood by targeted audience
. To support this philosophy further According to
Newstrom & Keith Davis, Communication is the transfer of information from one person to another. Meaning it is a way of reaching other by transmitting ideas, feelings, thoughts, fact and values
. You will agree with me, the concept of communication has been a form of human identity from time immemorial. Whether you are a professional or not, either operate in formal or informal business sector, being able to communicate effectively is one of the most important life skills to learn. Next week you will learn how to Develop Good Communication Skill, before then you can reach out to us for workshop, master class and partnership via whatsapp +2347039368729 or


The quest for raising generational leading entrepreneurs who will understand current and future demand in global market is of great concern now more than ever. Digital skills are proven handy for entrepreneurs to scale through their venture; penetrate global markets; meet demands and remain relevant in chosen sphere. My name is Emmanuel Igwe your friend from The Leaders Hub, in this episode of my write up I will be sharing with you how young entrepreneur can leverage on power of ICT to reposition their businesses.
As Google IT Support Specialist, having been fortunate to part of young technopreneurs transforming Africa communities with ICT set skills, I have identified why many entrepreneur fade in this business after 2-3 years of being in operation, this is lack of technical know and technological driven concept to solidify their business plans knowing uncertainty is one of the peculiar phenomenon face by business owners. That why I deemed it necessary to bring this article on board happy reading and learning as well. What is Relationship Between Business and IT Skills
please permit me to deviate a little, currently We demeed it necessary to kick start catch them young IT training for the marginalize and vulnerable groups in the society as part of our Corporate Social Reponsibility kindy use this link to make token donation to support this initiative Kindy use this link Business itself is act of meeting demands for profit while IT is a platform to reach out to more prospective clients. You see combining the two definitions the two work hands in hands and cannot be sub change. What are the Basic Skills Entrepreneurs Needs; 1. Microsoft word proficient is vital for records keeping and drafting of proposal for partnership, funding and drafting of Memorandum of Understand (MoU). As an entrepreneur your level of IT skills determines your business development jurisdiction and command you enjoy. 2. Microsoft Power Point Knowledge. At one point you may be required to make a presentation of your idea to your stakeholder, this requires you have a clear knowledge of the categories of your audience which will guide you to make effective and attractive slide presentation that is result based. 3. Graphic Design Skill is Key for Business Branding: Your customers expect new and improve product and services delivery, hence there is need for you to communicate to them often with your creative work, innovative service to keep them wanting for more. Of course graphic designing is one of the tools you can you to achieve this. 4. Internet Surfing Skills: Internet is the largest network as an entrepreneur you can source information and equally sell your idea to the world while building strategic network. In the coming write we will give a detail step to harness internet society and to leverage on internet tools such as, digital marketing, internet analysis and creating media presence to upsurge your business within a short time. 5. The Leaders Hub also organizes Master classes for individual, corporate groups and organization to burst their workforce. Kindly contact us via Whatsapp +2347039368729 or send us mail via


The Leaders Hub as one of the pioneer NGO focusing SDG 8 (DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH) is Partnering with The Next Economy being one of the Largest Africa Crowdfunding Platform to raise 10,000 USD to trained and Empower 500,000 vulnerable groups in rural area the nation capital.This is part of the leaders hub corporate social responsibility, hence we crave for your donation as our esteem viewer to make this initiative impactful.
Kindy use this link


The leaders Hub have been identified by United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network Youth as one of the Pioneer NGO member organization in Africa making impacts from grassroot level, preparing young emerging leaders towards SDGs through SDSN Youth engagements.
On 14th August 2021 The Leaders Hubs had a workshop with UN SDSN Global network on zoom tag'' Building Workshop on Outreach & Engagement! during the session question was raised by the panelist how will UN SDSN Youth members organization meet SDGs at their capacity towrads youth inclusive and active participation in building nation economy. The Panelist include Christiana C. UN SDSN Youth Global Coordinator.
Ambassador Ibrahim Umar Adamu (The Leaders Hub-Admin/Operation Manager) who duly represented the The Leaders Hub along side Ambassador Emmanuel Igwe (CEO-The Leaders Hub)Comrade Ayodeji Ogunlabi (The Leaders Hub Publicity) Mr. Friday Abah (The Leaders Hub-Member).
Below is The Leaders Hub resolution as compiled by Amb. Ibrahim Umar Adamu; ACHIEVING SDGs GOAL 8 “DECENT WORK AND ECONOMIC GROWTH THROUGH WORKPLACE EFFICIENCY For a community, local government, state or country to achieve this goal is through workplace efficiency and collaborative effort of all stakeholders. What do we understand by workplace efficiency? This simply mean when an employee or employees carry out assigned tasks effectively at a specific time frame. So therefore employees need to be efficient and proactive WAYS TO EMPLOY TO ACHIEVE WORKPLACE EFFICIENCY 1. A systematic approach should be adopted 2. Do not start a new task unless and until you are through with the previous assignment. 3. Logical approach to getting work done 4. Employ time management skill 5. Organize your workstation 6. Keep important documents in a proper folder so you don’t waste time in unnecessary searching 7. Stay organize and get rid of clutter 8. Prioritize your work and adopt a step by step approach 9. Adopt a focus approach at work. Focusing on the most important thing increases your efficiency 10. Team work IMPORTANCE OF WORKPLACE EFFICIENCY 1. This lead to timely appraisal and appreciation from organization and also external clients. 2. This lead to growth of the organization and country at large 3. This can also boost the image of the organization for investors. 4. This can also lead to massive employment and lead to reduction in poverty 5. It helps employees work smarter, not harder WAYS TO IMPROVE EMPLOYEES EFFICIENCY 1. Don’t be afraid to delegate – As a boss (CEO, CMD, MDs, Presidents, Governors, e.t.c) you have to be ready to delegate tasks to employees so as to achieve workplace efficiency and also SGDs goal eight (8) 2. Match tasks to skills – Knowing your employees’ skills and behavioral styles is essential for maximizing efficiency. So you have to match your employees’ tasks to his/her capabilities 3. Communicate effectively–Every leader should be aware that communication is an important skill to productive workforce 4. Keep goals clear and focused–You don't expect employees to be efficient if they don’t have a focused goal to aim for. If a goal is not clearly defined and actually achievable, employees will be less productive, so try to make employees’ assignment as clear as possible. On ways to do this is to make sure your goals are “SMART”- specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. 5. Incentivize employees – One of the best way to encourage employees to be more efficient is to actually give them a reason to do so. They need to be encouraged so as to be more productive. Identify the ways they love being appreciated for example some may want to be appreciated publicly while some prefer privately. 6. Cut out the excess– If possible try not to give employees smaller, unnecessary tasks when they are focused on a larger goal. Take a look at the team’s routine, and see if there is anything that can cut to give employees more time to focus on higher-priority assignments. 7. Train and develop employees – Reducing training, or cutting it all together, might seems like a good way to save company time and money but ultimately this can lead to retard growth in the organization and country at large. Instead of having workers haphazardly trying to accomplish task with zero guidance, take the extra day to teach them the necessary skills to do their job. 8. Give each other feedbacks – There is no hope of increasing employee efficiency if they don’t know they’re being inefficient in the first place. This is why performance reviews are essential-measure your employees’ performance, then hold individual meetings to let them know where they are excelling, and what areas they need to work on. Increasing employee efficiency isn’t all about what they can do better-some of the responsibility falls on you as well. After reviewing your employees, ask them what you could to help them improve. 9. Improve workplace condition – A comfortable working temperature is between 68 and 70 degrees F (20-21C). an environment that’s too hot or too cold distract employees from concentrating, as employee will spend more time seeking for comfort.


INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR ONE MONTH CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN TO SECURE AFRICAN CHILDREN FUTURE SLATED FROM 23RD AUGUST - 23RD SEPTEMBER UNDER THE NEXT ECONOMY WENNOVATION HUB PLATFORM The leaders hub in line with one of its goals as member organization, working with United Nations Sustainable Development Solution Network has commence Grass Root ICT employability training for the poor and vulnerable groups here in Nigeria. We hope to expand this training to entire African with an intention to Digitalize African Economy through human capacity building. But first we want to ensure the entire 36 state of Nigeria is carried along including FCT the nation capital. The training has already commenced started in our FCT head office with good turnout of indentified participants. This training is crucial not just for the participant but to meet current and future jot set skills in the global market where African youths are still battling to meet the demand. Bonus for the Participants: 1. The all the participants who passed the course will be profile for future job matching 2. Best participant will be empowered to start, implementing what they have learnt with mandate to train others in the hosting communities. In respect to those (2) bonus plan the leaders hub will be embarking on one month CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN with The Next Economy here in Abuja the Nation Capital to raise setting among of fund, with tag TEGTHS ICT SUPPORT. We crave for you support and contribution during and after this crowd funding period starting on 23rd August 2021. Thank you immensely for your anticipated support and contribution to enable us secure the future of African children who are rejected and forgotten. Accept my unreserve regards to your opinions so far. Emmanuel Igwe Google IT Specialist.


Human capacity development is key in building network of successful entrepreneurs in developing nations
. Now this is one of the challenge confronting Africa decision making to address as they still believe successful entrepreneurs emerged by magic, individual effort as such the whole journey towards becoming successful in entrepreneurs are not being budgeted by relevant agency in government. My name is Emmanuel Igwe in the series I will take you step ahead to introduce to key step stakeholders need to deploy in raising and supporting business owners strike balance, create new business to span, growth and development.
First thing an entrepreneur should consider is need for continue growing by trying new thing until you find perfect fit so is in the entrepreneurial world that is the only we to keep relevant and satisfy your clients. Hence turning a large or small business into a bigger one is never easy. But our new tech reality holds countless examples and ideas of sustainable business growth strategies as well as opportunities for a strong competitive advantage.
Why innovation: The Government need to start to reward innovation and creativity among its citizen irrespective of their economy class and promote gender balance opportunity to give more women ready to run and owned a business. As we all know that the eldest keys to any successful business is being able to come up with new or unique ideas to keep offers fresh in enabling environment. Bringing those ideas to reality means you are creating innovation. Today, every business claims to be super innovative and modern. So, you have a much greater task in trying to provide a product or service that will benefit customers with new values through unseasonal improve service delivery. Hence, making innovations is one of the most sustainable paths to growth because people constantly want more new products with super capabilities.
Customer Retention Hand in hand with growth is the value that you offer to your client or customer. Demonstrating that value from the start of the relationship not only helps you secure future loyalty, but helps you improve your pipeline via word-of-mouth referrals. Growth has a multifaceted gear wheel attached to it that involves many aspects of nurturing new and existing relationships and defining value. That is why Innovations are just critical to success! A successful innovation strategy can increase workplace productivity, make people remember your brand, help you unlock value, create a way for creative thinking in your organization, and make you stand out from the crowd.
Client Satisfaction & Footprint Growth is largely related to client satisfaction and geographical footprint. Client satisfaction can be achieved by delivering a better experience, innovating new products/services and managing employee satisfaction to allow them to be ambassadors of the brand. Geographical footprint is related to how you manage cash flow, margins and investment to expand into new territory that will lead to growth. The Leaders Hub now train and guide our training apply what they are taught in real life situation. Kindly give us a call +2347039368729 or send text for quick respond.