The Leaders Hub Flashlight

Sustainable Youth Digital Innovation (SYDI) Part 1. Series B.

To unravel the opportunities available talents, our youth needs to think and act beyond their immediate environs consistently. In notwithstanding this series of our article tend to question youth readiness to play an active role in reshaping their national economy as in taking leadership responsibility at various level.
When youth in a nation show consist interest and commitment to national issues as its expected and make theirselve available to commit to the course is a strong signal of future leaders emerging as soon as possible. But then they should show forward scorecard on how they have used of any opportunity committed in their hands before  which is tentication to validate their prove to assume aspiring position for new position. If this reccommendation can be adopted globally in next 10 years half of economy and leadership problem will be reduce at least by 25 percent to secure future of coming generation.
Based on this facts we have seen over the years The Leaders Hub team working with global communities will soon launch dynamic grassroot community voluntary engage to file out issues affecting our youth in their region to salvage the situation. This is because over the years we have seen and have witness tremendeuos effort and development fuel by passion of youth to lead the course they choose but little or now results yielded in most senario.
There is much to be done youth don't get me wrong until will realize this, if you want to lead the transformational shift in your communities then you need to first change your orientation and develop holistic mindset to care for the needy. You cannot imagine the how vital your milestole success can reshape the whole perspective of the world if you can put more effort consistently. The world needs resilient youths who are courageous to take up challenge and remain focus to get results in the presence of turbulene situation always and stick to the discourse. We hope In the coming month the leaders hub will be out to identify; who this youths arey you should know; where the live as location; and what they do their aim and purpose of their work so we can support them drive the change and transform our world collectively.

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