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Sustainable Youth Digital Innovation (SYDI) Part 1. Series A.

How do we get our youth on roundtable of decision making process to integrate their innovation and promote youthfulness equal gender participatory role in global economy informed us at the leaders hub to reinvent this topic
. Its clear that the current global economy problem defer the rudimentary approach, addressing it entails using innovative and dynamic approach holistically.
This show that youth should be at frontier part to solve global economy issues but before then may i pause to ask this question ''Are you actually ready'' in the coming day we will send out questionnaire to get public opinion and then we can then dig deep into the subject matter. To cap it all some youth are ready and available to take bold step but needs support from their communities to step forward and take front site. Also some youth are not well informed hence cannot make decision on either to take a step or nr not while some youth due to inferiority complex consider their capability not good enough to join the change maker team. In the next publication we will take each of the categories and try to proffer solution.

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