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How to Promote Peace & Harmony in Global Communities

Most at times we talk about war frequently without thinking about it consequences and impact it will have in our life, communities and society at large. Before we analyze the topic above I will like to us to first of all discuss the issues that leads to war or war crime in our society. The impact of war can be very devastating, because from the previous history of war cases majority of them do not sound pleasant to the ears and definitely war should not be what any person or group of people should think of or engaging in.
Socail and political injustice can be avoidable if some of these factors that can lead to them can be properly harness and effectively manage. Here are some of the things that can cause or lead to social disharmony in our Society today.
Pride Injustices and Bias Argument
PRIDE: We say that pride can be said to be an unimaginable ego in an individual or group of people were by trying to oppress or trample on others rights, this can lead to war if those whose rights are trample on show some forces of resistance.
INJUSTICES AND BIAS: In a society where injustice and bias is seen as the order of the day and justice is not served as when due, were some are been favored than others, then War is looming there is a need to understanding every human should be treated equally and no bias at all should be allow for a fair and harmonious society.
ARGUMENT: this is one of the thinnest factor that can lead to war, it start with disagreeing over a particular issue and then exchanging words to an extend that anger sets in and War is declared, this can be avoidable
From all the factors that have been mentioned above we can clearly see that war can be avoidable if those who initiate or talk about war puts humanity first, in dialogue and consideration

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