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Quality Education Fundamental for Nations Building

History had it that the most developed cities in the world today have invested huge on educational sector. For instance the No.1 best global university till date Harvard University is in US, being world power in both economy and human capital development. This short article is made to send signal to developing nation to look inward into their institutional development and get its citizen on roundatable to unravel the potentials and attract foreign aids. This means educational sector should be given first hand priority through making education affordable and available to all its citizens and beyond that international communities as well. As we all might know educational system thrives holistically all other sector of economy through multifaceted engagement and social cultural awareness.

The nations decision makers should strike balance between the domestic quality education with developed nations and hence look towards improving the educational model and approve through curriculum development. Furthermore its well know the only way to attract educational prowess into a nation is through bilateral agreement with other nations, partnership and awarding scholarship based on the nations sphere of interest. Therefore The Leaders Hub will encourage nations aspiring for development to consider these recommendation. Fur consultation kindly write us at thleaderhub@gmail.com or whatsapp +79528832042

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