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Global Effects of Racial Profiling on Social Stability in Developed Nations

Truth most be told in the past the mistake of racial profiling has cost some great nation opportunities to diversify their social cultural heriate and multifacted company loss skillful labourer, its serious threat to national unity and corporation that other countries must learn from although it may seem to be nothing more than a mere inconvenience at onset. However, racial profiling is much more than a hassle social chaos. It has long negative direct consequences not just on the nations its practice but the entire nations that heavily depend on its social and economic power. We must take note diversity, unity and mutual respect to all culture unit faster than dialogue and peace keeping plan which of course is costly to maintain. So which is better to huge nation wealth to build stability and achieve liitle or to accept people and allow them support you build your empire?
In notwithstanding here are some of the experiences the subject of discussion may bring to its citizen in a long run with the situation persist. They; 
1.pay the price emotionally, 
2.psychologically, and 
 3.mentally and in some cases even financially and physically The financial implication will not only entail on the citizen but the neighboring countries that depend heavily on US economy. To cap it all this situation will severely distort global economic and business culture since every nations depends on one another in some area. Therefore there will be global degradation which may be experience in form of loss of;
 1. education and 
 4.negative psychological impact increased criminalization of children oftefor conduct that does not threaten the safety of others; and promotion of anti-social behaviors which will lead to loss of value, morale and human dignity.

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