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Below are the Terms and Condition for https://www.theleadershub.com.ng

Copywrite of any of this website is prohibited.
The website https://www.theleadershub.com.ng
Is designed and managed by Theleadershub, any form of posing nudity, sharing of contents that doesn't meet up to Google standard and posing of violated post, like videos poet, Music gist nor entertainment that is not allowed by the Google policy is thereby unwanted in this website.

https://www.theleadershub.com.ng uses cookies in other to recognize the real and legit link and to help to keep track of any IP Address been encountered in this website.

https://www.theleadershub.com.ng doesn't support any form of violates nor intruding into tje privacy of the websites and owners, any form of action will be penalized, all aurora posters, guest posters, admins must racist from the violation else, proper action will be taken immediately if found guilty.

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