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Means of Representing the Image of Enemy In English Language Media

The term media defines a number of different communication formats. In the Twenty first century, the media encompass or report all communications that transmit facts and information to its citizens. This can be through books, radio, television, internet and the most popular of all social media. Information gotten from the media in any form can give it's citizens a different or new views about an Ideology, people and their culture, and race. It is important to know that they are two sections of the media which includes; The news media and the public relations media. The work of the news media differs from public relations, which is communication carried out to improve the image of companies, organizations, or candidates for office. Public relations is not a neutral information form. While journalists write stories to inform the public, a public relations spokesperson is paid to help an individual or organization get positive press. However in both aspect of the media it is important to know that not everything that is reported is true. Sometimes the media is used as a tool for political gain, to tanish the image of a competitor or to gain the support of the general public. In this article, we will be focusing on the English media and their means of Representing the image of the enemy. We'll discuss hundred ways in which the English media has represented the enemy in their media.
1.)The English Media and their movies: Most people outside of Russia and people who have never been to Russia think of Russia in a bad light. The English speaking movie industry has made people that watch mostly English movies dread russia. They have made people think of them as cold hearted killers. In reality, Russians are the most warm an friendly people you will ever meet. 2.)The English Media coverage of Russia: The Russian federation does various humanitarian acts and supports Various counties in different ways like providing scholarships for foreigner's to come and study for free. The English media will never report this about Russia. When coming in to the country, the Russian federation don't search you like a thief. Your rights are respected as a human being. 3.)The English Media Coverage about COVID-19: most people will tell you COVID-19 originated from Wuhan in china and was created from a Lab. Did you know china were the country that supplied relief materials the most for countries in order the help crub the spread of COVID-19. Till today nobody has been able to prove the name of the scientist who created the SARS COVID virus in the lab. 4) In Nigeria over the years there is funny representing of ethnic crisis that spread information faster and draw global attention. This can be seen the following character and display a) drama show b) catoon c) games show d) public shows e) religion actors f) ethnic dance g) unusual event gathering i) seasonal events j) peace talk and k)political rally display.

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