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Intellectual Map as a Means of Forming Language Competence in the Study

 There is this most anxious language learners that feel uncomfortable when speaking or listening to the new language with intense consideration, but some language learners also find writing or even reading to be anxiety-provoking as well. 3.) We should continue to encourage Learner Beliefs Beliefs about language learning are important because they influence actively how students approach language learning and the language learning strategies that they choose to use on daily basis. Its worth noting that many language learners, for example, they think that they are too old to learn a foreign language well. Some believe the teachers are more concerned about the lessons that they do not pay sufficient attention to their learner's needs. 4.)Timing. Learning a foreign language requires an individual's time and patience. when learning a new language an individual must devote at least 2 hours or more a day practicing new words (10-20 per day) and learning how to construct sentences. listening to music in the language could be very helpful or watching sports just depends on the learner's hobbies. As frustrating as it will or might get gradually with time the learner will be making little utterances in the language. Visual Methods Visual learning is a type of learning style in which students prefer to use images, graphics, colors, and maps to communicate ideas and thoughts. Visual learners must-see information to learn it. 

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