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Innovative Entrepreneurs Key to Diversification of Economy

The business world is facing most challenging factor that limit the impact of the business as well access to global market. This situation cannot be better be consider than this era of digitalization where every enterprise needs to adopt and get digitalize. Entrepreneurs are most solution solver but this can be limited by the feasibility of their idea to fit in into technology world. There is urgent call for innovators to look inward to their immediate envrons and fix the economy problem, make earning while doing it, but most entrepreneurs lack the required technology skill set to thrive, this has led to slow economy grow and more business collaspe. Until those in roundtbale decision learn to support this enterpreneurs to acquire digital skills, the nation chance to boost its economy will be subject to debate on. What make a great nation is not strong men and women but a nation where human effort is maximize and its citizen needs are meant and plans are made for future generation to enjoy more prosperity of nation natural endownment.

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