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Article Written by Uchechi Kennedy Compiled by The Leaders Hub Team Girl child education contributes to the development of a society economy. The girl child is a female child from birth to eighteen (18 years) of age. It is a year before a girl child becomes an adult. The girl child has been seen as a weaker vessel who do not have right to be educated. Educating girls enhances growth rates and reduces social disparities. But in recent times, according to the civilization age, the girl child education is very important to the growth of an economy that is, enlightening the whole country making them have an equal participant in being educated for civilization sake and growth, development of women have been called the weaker sex in other to prove societal discrimination and oppression against them.
They are to remain silent, do all manner of house work, bear children and do all manner of hard work each day. The girl child are not heard both in private and in the public places of decision making. The girl child was seen as the property of a man and the family when not given our in marriage. Consequently, her right are hidden by tradition custom, and the display of male authority over women.
Girls Child Educatiom The girl child is seen as a younger female person who will eventually grow up to become an adult and probably marry. In 1672, Nigeria has a million children of primary school age that do not go to school, which is the brightest number for any country in the world. Some many things prevent children from going to school and sexy is very evident factor. 68% of boys enroll in primary school compare to 58% of girls.
Important of a girl child education The girl child needs to be educated to acquire skills and know ledge needed to advance herself for socialization, interaction and self confidence. The girl child education prepare her to face the realities of life and help her to be a good mother and wife in any family she find herself in future. Girls play multiple roles in the household, society and the world at large. They help with housework, work in factories, care for elder and younger family members and prepare themselves to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Benefit of Girl Child Education Girl child education is an activity that imparts knowledge or skill. Education gives us knowledge of the world ground. Education is needed for development and improvement of a nation. It empowers people and strengthens the nation education brings about innovation. Creative thinking comes from education. Education is key to creating, apply and extending knowledge thereby ensure the development of economic. Girl child education reduces illiteracy. Illiteracy is one of the highest causes of poverty. Education for girls is one of the key to economic development. When knowledge is power, education of a girl child from the foundation of nursery and primary school triggers will give the necessary power to succeed. Advantage of a girl child education, it enhance economy growth, eradicate poverty. When a society is less educated especially the girl child, geting to maturity stage they won’t be able to know what next to do, contribute due to lack of enlightenment which decreases child and mother mortality rate. Factors affecting a girls child education in Nigeria A girl child education has faced a lot of hindrances, due to so many factors 1. Early marriage: Most often marriage is seen as a higher priority than to be educated. Most victims of child marriage are girls. It is estimated that every year 15 million of girls are married before they become 18 years. Immediately after marriage come pregnancy or after their marriage is consummated, the girl child leave the educational system and because they have less education skills, they and their families are more likely to live in poverty. There are child marriage in every part of the world, including Europe and North American. The highest rates of girls under 18 getting married are in Niger (76%), Central African Republic and Chad (68%).
2. Pregnancy: More than one million girls under18 years give birth each year; Either due to early marriage or unpredicted pregnancy, many do not return after giving birth due to the stigma, lack of child care and unavailability of flexible school programs. These young female have not yet reached adulthood and the. causes of child girl pregnancy. Girl child early pregnancy may be linked to things which as lack of education, peer pressure and early engagement of early sexual activity. How early pregnancy affect young mothers; there are at a higher risk for pregnancy – related high blood pressure (preeclampsia)and its complications than average age mothers. Also there risks for the baby they include premature birth and low birth weight of the child. 3. Poverty: educated women rarely die during child birth and they likely to have healthy and well nourished children than their non-educated counterparts. We all know that, a child born by an literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five (5) than that of the illiterate mother who is do know much about child care and proper upbringing and nutritional value of child. Lack of finance to train a girl child can lead to a drop out or a stop in the education of a child. Dropping out of school early is a significant issue among girls. Due to poverty higher percentage of girls drops out of school. 12% girls compare to 10% boys will drop out of primary school in the last class, class 6, before completion, majority of the girls who drop out of school live in rural areas and mostly found in the North East or North West regions (NPC, 2009). 70% young woman (age 15-24) in the North West have not completed primary school (UNESCO, 2014).
YOUNG GIRL OUT OF SCHOOL 4. Insecurity: Insecurity has cripple education in Nigeria, students have been risking their lives for education, many are going to school with fear of the unknown. According to report, about 800 secondary school and university students have been kidnapped in various attacks by terrorists and bandits in the last six months. In 2014 when about 276 girls were abducted from Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok, Borno State. The abducted of the Chibok girls was condemned locally, globally condemned by many. Insecurity has really triggered fear in girl child many of them has lost confidence in Nigeria security. Polygamy: Muslim are majority among other that practice polygamy. And they see any person who marry only one wife are seen still being considered bachelors most times these men are not invited to meeting where there is an important issues to be discussed in a communities. Polygamy plays an important role when it comes to sending the children to school study revealed that parent are unable to meet the cost of their children education because of the heavy responsibilities of taking care of all the wives. Girl child is always at a disadvantage when it comes to who will be sent to school first between the boy and the girl. The girl child, at times are given out in marriage without their wish and time. They are also sent to become a maid. They are not allowed to attend school and even not given proper training and care before leaving their home to another. Lastly it is of great opinion that women should be given the opportunities to explore and enhance their limitless potentials for them to be able to achieve this freedom from stigmatization and deprivation. Most of all, freedom of limitless education women should be given opportunity also to express themselves and a platform to speak on any matter in the society at large. All these are for them not to be treated as slave in any home, their voices should be allowed also to deliberate on matters arising at any given time and occasions.
There is need for a conducive environment and to equip the girl child educational system, For the world of today and tomorrow, to foster self-esteem and respect for others, to widen horizons and to give them the means to reach horizons and beyond. A girl child is an individual, unique and creative, we should help them come into confident possession of their innate talents, improve their skills by impacting relevant knowledge required to succeed with a caring respectful, multicultural environment. The government should be committed to instilling in each girl child a desire to learn and recognize self. References Books African Research Vol. 4 (2) April, 2010 PP. 418 -432. Girl Child Education in Niger 1672. African research review Vol. 4(2) April 2010. NPC (2012) National Population Commissi

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