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The quest for raising sustainable generational leading entrepreneurs who will understand current and future demand in global digital market is of great concern now more than ever.  May I start with formal introduction of who I am and what I do. A professor of social innovation working as Technocrat with Pinkin 69 Global Education Nigeria Limited, I also serve as professional Information Technology Consultant.
Emmanuel has worked with us for five (5) years handling our database room and currently moderates our student on data analysis and media information literacy. He has wonderful IT skills full of potentials still developing. He is an innovator among his peers with great team player ability.
Emmanuel choice of career in Information Communication Technology came in from his
culminated exposure and contribution toward human digital skills development as an innovator.
He funded an e-learning student hub in 2017 that has given good number of young graduate in different field to an opportunity to upgrade their digital skills to fit in with global employability skills.
I will be delight to see Emmanuel go through this summer program to unleash his full potential as data analyst which have always been his most accepted career pursuit in ICT. This will go a long way in preparing him ahead about global big data trending. And also equip him to model and mentor upcoming social innovator to succeed in their IT career plans

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