Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact


The quest for raising generational leading entrepreneurs who will understand current and future demand in global market is of great concern now more than ever. Digital skills are proven handy for entrepreneurs to scale through their venture; penetrate global markets; meet demands and remain relevant in chosen sphere. My name is Emmanuel Igwe your friend from The Leaders Hub, in this episode of my write up I will be sharing with you how young entrepreneur can leverage on power of ICT to reposition their businesses.
As Google IT Support Specialist, having been fortunate to part of young technopreneurs transforming Africa communities with ICT set skills, I have identified why many entrepreneur fade in this business after 2-3 years of being in operation, this is lack of technical know and technological driven concept to solidify their business plans knowing uncertainty is one of the peculiar phenomenon face by business owners. That why I deemed it necessary to bring this article on board happy reading and learning as well. What is Relationship Between Business and IT Skills
please permit me to deviate a little, currently We demeed it necessary to kick start catch them young IT training for the marginalize and vulnerable groups in the society as part of our Corporate Social Reponsibility kindy use this link to make token donation to support this initiative Kindy use this link Business itself is act of meeting demands for profit while IT is a platform to reach out to more prospective clients. You see combining the two definitions the two work hands in hands and cannot be sub change. What are the Basic Skills Entrepreneurs Needs; 1. Microsoft word proficient is vital for records keeping and drafting of proposal for partnership, funding and drafting of Memorandum of Understand (MoU). As an entrepreneur your level of IT skills determines your business development jurisdiction and command you enjoy. 2. Microsoft Power Point Knowledge. At one point you may be required to make a presentation of your idea to your stakeholder, this requires you have a clear knowledge of the categories of your audience which will guide you to make effective and attractive slide presentation that is result based. 3. Graphic Design Skill is Key for Business Branding: Your customers expect new and improve product and services delivery, hence there is need for you to communicate to them often with your creative work, innovative service to keep them wanting for more. Of course graphic designing is one of the tools you can you to achieve this. 4. Internet Surfing Skills: Internet is the largest network as an entrepreneur you can source information and equally sell your idea to the world while building strategic network. In the coming write we will give a detail step to harness internet society and to leverage on internet tools such as, digital marketing, internet analysis and creating media presence to upsurge your business within a short time. 5. The Leaders Hub also organizes Master classes for individual, corporate groups and organization to burst their workforce. Kindly contact us via Whatsapp +2347039368729 or send us mail via