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See how Good day approach of The Leaders Hub digest is esteem viewers in this session detail  I will make effort to clear the air on what you need to have as an entrepreneur to be successful in your venture. Once again my name is Emmanuel Igwe from The Leaders Hub.
Many entrepreneurs think
money is the principal factor to launch their idea into the market segment it’s not! You can kick start your business without necessary money in your pocket, what is essential is your rugged determination rate of your focus while making your idea communicable so investors to buy into it. May I shock you to let you that money only constitute 30% success for any start-up to succeed? In a nutshell it means if you have only it has your resources in your venture then you are doom to fail as matter of fact since there is still other 70% key strategic roles you need to have on board as an entrepreneur to scale through. It’s on this note I will be highlighting some of these success key you need to activate to break ground in your business, you may ask what kind of business the good news is, its applicable to all businesses you only need to channel it into your set goals and mission to harness it dividends. 1. Lean Proposal: This is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to make its business plan simplify for its working team to understand their key roles in channeling their energy and for third party being investor to have a holistic view of the business.
This kind of write places the integrity and nature of activities need to execute is a clear perspective, indicating targets beneficiaries, stakeholders and competitors advantage. 2. Skillful presentation strategies: This is an avenue you have as a business owner to convince the public that you know and meant what you are doing or intend to do. Until you are able to do it properly your idea will remain a mirage to the public. Take note you are required to develop an IT skills in Microsoft Powerpoint, Excel among other presentation tools to make an attractive presentation.
But then make sure you understand the categories of your audience and their needs so you can convey acceptable message about your venture. Again remember a define short story about your idea or business might make a headway in your pitch. 3. Kindly lets us know if this tips were helpful and feel free to share any challenge about your venture with us you can send direct message to thleaderhuh@gmail.com , place quick call +2348167981382 or invite us for workshop/seminar as occasion may demand we are always available to provide you with professional service.

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