Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact

Roles of Mentors in Nation Building - Emmanuel Igwe

Renowned leaders are made! When a nation lack formidable support of experience person(s) to provide support in their sphere then its like a nation a moving vehicle without driver.
As the world rally for competency in leadership it’s also very necessary we build an ecosystem that can encourage experience leaders to give back to the society through mentorship and guidance.
When a leader tend to be an Island then, he/she has missed it, because as a leader you need people of like mind around you to compliment your weak point as we cannot deny the fact that every human has a week point hence will need to deal with.
There is nothing wrong leaders seeking for mentoring service beyond a continent inasmuch the leader make effort to do it lawfully within protocols for the concerns nation. Young leader means one who needs largely huge effort towards learning from dynamic and cross board to upgrade their leadership potentials.
The leader hub is working to bring in nations proudly mentors here to engage our young leaders in their sphere in months ahead, therefore kindly contact or send email to enable us at or call +2347039368729 to express your interest, while doing so bear it in means learning from experience personnel keeps will keep breaking ground in your field don’t missed out.