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Inclusive Governance Ticket for Holistic Development

Inclusive governance is a holistic approach in sharing responsibility in government without sentiment to religion, culture, group interest and race, or gender bias rather competency and merit based process are adopted to recruit, employ, and to give out opportunities to the target beneficiaries.

There is need for our leaders to balance power sharing, this will enable the nation attain to fast human capital development to support the economy of the nation. Often leaders neglect this, it will entails on their mandates and spoil the already existing development plans. Every aspect of governance system is crucial and most be give the required attention and resources to deliver it set goals. Our nation can only develop in a sustainable plan through inclusive governance structure to give people who deserve position to come in to contribute their quotas. Nations who has attained robust growth understood the power of even power sharing, which will give room for health competitors among the stakeholders which result in efficient and effective serve delivery. Inclusive governance make route for due promotion, rewards, and punishment for failure leaving the concern arms with options. This further spells out process and stages of punishment and reward for the its official. Of course this scene will give room for ethical work conduct, morale in the society and promotion of transparency act. In Summary: Growth and Development are anchor on Inclusive Governance Structure, hence leaders needs to carry every of his team along in taking position in decision making as way to maintain and sustain it developmental plan.
Author: Emmanuel Igwe - For The Leaders Hub

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