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ICT Employability Training 2021 Cohort 2 in Progress

It is pertinent young men women to embrace ICT skills especially those in professional career line. The Leader Hub has streamline classes to fit in part-time and full time worker, we are doing this to prepare you head of digital era to plan and execute your work schedule without any drudgery with or without supervision.
ICT employability skills will equip you with tools to take up leadership position in your organization in supporting management team to plan for future. The Leaders Hub has over the year supported uprising and age organization by reviving the workforce team with digital skills. We have well experience instructors and mentor to counsel you as well guide you in making this training a turning point in your career.
Civilize society are people's who are technology savvy, the leaders hub deeming it crucial for future workforce to be relevant there should be continue upgrading of digital skills for the entrepreneurs and the public office holder. Connected development is advance stage of productivity through ICT driven individual hence this training is for you as part of our social corporate responsibility it’s at NO COST at the moment terms and condition applied. All courses are virtual so you can stay at your comfort zone or in workplace to attend.
All interested applicants for this training should fill the leaders hub express of interest form on this blog site or send us direct whatsapp message via +2347039368729 so we can include you in pools of our multi-talent hub group to receive updates. For mentoring and counseling call the admin at +2348167981382