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Mr Emmanuel Igwe FOI Ambassadorial Report

The Freedom of Information (FOI) Ambassador  explain the Act is key transparency gadget to be effectively use by the citizen of any nation deploy to hold the government accountable, timely request for details from public offices and to monitor and assess the performance of elected leaders in public office. Ymonitor have rose to undertake these responsibility through training and empowering Ambassadors from the 6 geopolitical zones in Nigeria are trained to undertake this task effectively.
This innovative and transforming leadership excercise is coming out this recent time in Nigeria to reduce or curb out sharp practices in public offices and irregularities in public offices as well and sustainable promote cordial relation between the government officers and it citizens. The future project chose to invoke Freedom and reactivate this program of Information Act 2011to enable Nigerians to truly understand what is happening in the three (3) arms of government as well other public offices and get them prepare to take position in enforcing law and order that promote synergies and overall healthy growth and development of Nigeria. Mr. Emmanuel Igwe being the founder/CEO The Leaders Hub deemed it vital so he was nominated and was selected along other 29 Ambassadors to serve a year tenure in advancing and promoting this discourse by promoting this project from grass root within the 6 Geopolitical Zones in Nigeria and offshore of the nation as well. Mr Emmanuel is particularly overseeing to  this Act is adopted in Ebonyi State by engaging the youth to be grassroot ambassador.

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