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Often, many people do not quite appreciate the cost implication of the things they engage in. If they were to sit down and analyze their life, they would discover that, on many occasions, they made decisions without a full grasp of what it will cost them. For example, I made a decision to study clinical medicine in Nigeria without knowing the cost of that decision. I didn't know that that decision would mean I would have to bury my head in the books even when I wanted to raise it. I didn't know I would have to stick my head into the sand of my books even when I got the radio frequency of an interesting story. Stories kept flying over my head although I caught some. In retrospect, I remember some senior colleagues who wouldn't respond to my greeting when they are reading for a text/quiz. And I used to imagine them been stuck in an inescapable trance. Frankly, the cost of that decision meant an unrefined relationship skill which, amazingly, was supposed to be the crux of my life. That decision framed a world for me. My friends, the few I had, were those in my field of study. I barely knew people around me. I was nearly a lone wolf in a jungle of people. Fast forward to life after school, I knew I had to consciously cultivate a good relational skill if I wanted to become successful. It is helping me now although I wouldn't say I have attained the peak. So I ask, "You, who desire to pay attention to the path of the wealthy, do you know the cost of your desire? You, who want to get married, do you understand the cost of being married? You who want to have a lot of friends, do you understand the cost of having many friends? Do you know that there is a responsibility to show yourself friendly to them all? Can you bear that cost? Very often, we don't sit down to count the cost. The man who wants to travel on the path of the wealthy, does he know that there is a responsibility placed upon him by reason of the affluence to take care of the poor? Or does he think the affluence is there to take care of his own needs only? The man who has been made to believe in the piety of penury, does he understand the cost of that? Does he know that it would mean that he tucked his ego into his pocket to ask and beg? Every decision you make has its cost. Do you know what it is? I recommend that you sit down in a quiet place and ask questions about the cost of that decision you are about to make. When it seems easy just know that the hard is tucked under. When Jesus gave his recruitment pitch, "Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart: and you shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light," little did his disciples know that the cost of taking his yoke (Matthew 11: 29, 30). However, the beginning of the next chapter told us the first cost they had to bear. They became very hungry. The hunger was so severe that these men who were raised to know the Jewish norms violated the sabbath. Of course, they were following a single man who told anyone who cared to listen that foxes have holes but he has no place to lay his head. When the Pharisees complained, the men were so busy eating that Jesus had to defend them. Imagine that Jesus was not there. Perhaps, the Pharisees would've lashed out at them. My candid advice for you in this new year and new month is to sit down first and count the cost of your decisions.
Action Points: 1. After you have heard the pitch, sit down and count the cost. Ask targeted questions at the recruiter if need be. 2. Check if you have sufficient to finish the cost. Starting is good but finishing is great. 3. When you have checked it and are sure you can win, take action. I am Dr. Uzoma Chigozie, a disruptive thinker cum personal development coach. This year, I look forward to seeing you at the top. For enquiries and consultation, call or WhatsApp +234 805 565 1542