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Strategic Leadership & Sustainability is Key to Nations Building - Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

As a leader it’s very important you go extra mile to protect and preserve your ecosystem. This is considered paramount as it will definitely affect the quality of lives, kinds of opportunities and future of your followers that is to say it shapes the world around you.
The world is experiencing climate shift in recent time as results of environmental pollution which should have been control if the concern agency take responsibilities, who know by today certain earthquakes, landslide and exit of our natural species would have been reduce drastically. This write up is wake up call to our leaders to be at vigilant and enforce necessary action that will help regulate and protect nature as it affect everyone regardless of economics status, religious or cultural background. The leaders hub took a research in one of the rural communities in Jikwoyi Abuja, Nigeria to find out while people living in those areas are reportedly been a victim of malaria chlorella and elephantiasis from medical records.
We find out the area is densely populated and without proper water channels as a results a lots of damp water that could harbor dangerous microorganism could be found there. With regards to the above challenge we encourage the concern government agency to double their effort in ensuring:
1)That the people have access to quality drinking water and 2)They communities should welcome collaboration from real estate firm to build quality and affordable houses and it should be adopt in line with SDGs guideline and protocols.
Step Forward: The government should holistically consider partnering with private firm who provide means to quality water supply by granting tax holiday to new company in this regards in doing that the communities will benefit more from social amenities and diversify economic activities. The community heads should work closely with investors to sustain developmental plans The communities should be carry along as well be given opportunities to participates in whatever project initiated in the communities in doing that sustainability of it results will be assured.


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