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Session Outcome of Some Mentors of The Leaders' Hub and Representative of We For Change Organization on Zoom

The Leaders Hub is platform where successor generational leaders are groomed and empowered to succeed in entrepreneurship development, business and good governance system. Mentoring and coaching are tools we consider very important in achieving the above goals for raising emerging young leaders globally.
On 4th February 2021 12:13PM Nigerian time the Leaders Hub received a request from We for Change (WFC) a well known organization at Nepal for leadership and business coaching. We quote the chat
I am Bivuti Basnet, a 22 year old youth activist from Nepal. I am currently working at a youth-led youth NGO (16-24 age group) situated in Kathmandu, Nepal. I checked out The Leader's Hub and find it very inspiring. I would love to learn more from you regarding youth employment and transformational leadership strategies
The Leaders Hub team of Mentors carried out research which shows that We for Change was established in 2012, is a non profit youth-led organization based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We for Change is the only youth led organization of Nepal that is entirely led by 16 to 24 age group of young people highly committed in engaging and empowering young people of Nepal through leadership and capacity building initiatives through; group learning, sports, meditation, yoga, music and dance to solve issues of leadership, livelihood, environment sustainability, health, disaster management. It is amazing to know its sponsors have always make fund available as when needed for projcet execution that have led to a milestone success of; 21,035 young people reached; 13 Districts Covered; 5 Projects Implemented; and 31 Programs Organized for the youths. Its on this background that The Leaders Hub are coming to support this youtful organization to do more by coaching them on how to be self-reliants productive and creative to support the efforts of they sponsors in developing the organization further. In surmouting the above challenge, the Leaders Hub and its mentors held introductory meeting to chat way forward. Here are the resolution from the first meeting; On the 17th of February 2021, mentors from Leaders' Hub held a Zoom meeting/mentoring with some leaders of WE FOR CHANGE Organization from Nepal, with 75% male and 25% females, on the challenges facing the Organization. The meeting was held in order to find a lasting solution to some of the challenges that the Organization is faced with and how to be relevant in the country. The representatives complained of noninclusion of youth, the inability to get their projects sponsored by other international Organizations and the challenge of getting a direct contact of the Organizations they intend getting sponsorship from coupled with lack of innovation. During the course of meeting, lots of challenges were raised and possible solutions were given. Introduction was done by the Amb Emmanuel who talked about leadership and what leadership entails. He also spoke about mentorship and how to be a good mentor through transformational leadership. Leaders who can pass on what they learn to their society and also other youths. In addition, the floor was given to Ambassador Dr Uzoma to profer solutions to the challenges faced by WE FOR CHANGE. Dr Uzoma started by introducing himself and went further to say that the reason why youth are not taken seriously was due to the non inclusion of youthfulness expressed by the Nepalese National Anthem, That "There is no single phrase or line in the National anthem inclined to the youths". This he said is the main reason why the youths are not so considered in Nepal coupled with the lack of resourcefulness. He gave example with Nigeria and also Ghana where the national anthem captured the youth, stating that a national anthem is not just a song but a well articulated bundle of vision. And as matter of rule, a vision fuels one with confidence to take action in the right direction. After Dr Uzoma Chigozie spoke, the next to speak was Ambassador Umar Ibrahim Adamu who introduced himself and went ahead to ask the Representatives of WE FOR CHANGE if they understood the full meaning of SDGs and how many goals it encompasses. The WE FOR CHANGE leader answered the question and Ambassador Umar went ahead by congratulating the organization and also commending their efforts for setting up such visionary organization with such age range of 16 - 24 years. But he stated that he feels the age limit is part of the problems that's making the organization not to gain more relevance and recognition in the face of government. He stated also that it will be better to make the age limit up to the standard of United Nations and also he advised that they should embark on projects which are sustainable and impactful, and he also pointed that they should try to work with the SDGs goals where he mentioned Goal #1 (Poverty elevation), Goal #2 (Zero hunger), Goal #3 (Good health and well-being), Goal #4 (Quality Education), Goal #5 (Gender equality), and Goal #17 (Partnership to achieve the goals). The best way to alleviate poverty is to adopt the culture of entrepreneurships - skill acquisitions and more. He also advised that they should get partners and sponsors for their projects according to SDG Goal #17 stating that they can't do it all by themselves if the mission of the United Nations is to be achieved before 2030 through partnership. Lastly he stated that they will keep mentoring them and help them achieve their mission and objectives. After Ambassador Umar Ibrahim Adamu was Comrade Ayo who is an economist and an entrepreneur. He encouraged them to capitalize on their available resources and advised that they should utilize their resource locations by converting them into centre of attraction. He stated that the organization should look inward on what they can generate from available resources and also focus more on entrepreneurships. He also said that the organization should collaborate with the government for better results and effective activities in the nation. Follow-Up Mechanism There should be proper data gathering, effective and efficient management and Monitoring. The Leaders' Hub mentors are to develop checklists for follow-up on various aspect of programs under the organization. The meeting/Mentoring ended at exactly 2:20pm Nigerian time. Names of Mentors of Leaders' Hub are: 1. Amb Emmanuel Igwe
2. Amb Dr Uzoma Chigozie
3. Comrade Ayo
4. Amb Umar Ibrahim Adamu
Names of representatives from WE FOR CHANGE organization are: 1. Prayas K.C. - Secretary
2. Bivuti Basnet - Senior Finance Officer
3. Sanif Kandel - Executive Member
4. Srijana Gautam - Finance Officer
The leaders hub and its mentors will liase with We for Change representatives by engaging them with series of meeting, workshop to groom them up. This will be fully launch in the coming weeks.