Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact

Raising Credible Successors: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

Leadership is not all about personal immediate gain, satisfaction or recognition rather ability to keep and maintain chosen pattern of influencing people positively without coercion to achieve a set goals both in the present and future. What makes you a credible leader is that outstanding quality that you deployed as a brand to attain successive leadership portfolio. It’s pertinent as a credible leader to ensure who succeed you perform better than you, hence it entails you creating healthy and enabling political terrain to enable your successor thrive. There is also need to embark on trans-generational project, this connotes long term projects with intention reposition your follower for lifetime benefits which not just solves immediate needs rather it addresses future needs of intended beneficiaries. But then, for this to be feasible the predecessor must keep and maintain a close relationship with the successor and be ready to ensure his or her successor succeed. Leadership is a call for self-denial, sacrifice, supreme price if it must work with its core values of discipline, dedication, accountability, transparency and empathy. Young leaders who deploy this value remain outstanding in their sphere and keep making headway in their generation. Credible Successors are Transformational leaders who don’t wait for change to come but cause change to happen. They are best described as CHANGEMAKERS. A nation where this leader handle the key economic sectors always experience progressive economic reward, thereby boost the GDP and promote export earnings and foreign reserved. When this is in place, the quality of lives the people will be improved and human capacity development will be fully deploy to work. Credible Successors are known creative leaders who pick up challenge and proffer solution to provide better way of meeting needs of the people. We must also note; credible leaders consider their subject first and place them in high priority when taking position in decision making.