Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact

Leadership is not a Career but Calling: Mentoring Words - Emmanuel Igwe

Transformational leaders lead with focus and determination, hence they encounter less hitches and distraction in discharge their duties. When a leader is resourceful committed and dynamic they do not just succeed in their tenure but will leave indelible impacts in the lives of the followers. This point can be better being portrait with exemplary leadership role from late Nelson Mandela of South Africa. After he pass on, the quality of his leadership style is been kept and celebrated all around the world today. Many people felt leadership is act of enriching and satisfying personal motive and gain, hence they step into leadership with this wrong mindset and struggle to effect positive change in the lives of their followers. Leadership is a conscience and conscious journey with clear mindset that is entails by the kinds of goals set and means of attaining it. When leaders adopt holistic and inclusive method in taking decision, implementing it will not be a problem. This is because the right people form formidable team hence supports is assured. The leaders hub will like to: Encourage young emerging leaders to always define what they want before going into leadership and most importantly should have model the want bring in. They should consider leadership quest as a calling that can pose heavy task and responsibility that will demand inclusive participatory roles of others.