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See How Global Green Economy is Possible? - Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

In the course of this study I will pay extra-ordinary attention to most challenging issues among farmers in Africa which include but not limited to; low uncontrollable market, lack of storage facilitate and lack of farmer incentive. This when tackled will easily assist small scale farmers and work them through into commercial farmers within five years at most with international back up. It will equip them with international standard to meet up with professional skills and experiences in global perspective to be successful in their farming occupation.

I will use these skills to as to support farming from grassroots level, this is because I have this passion for agricultural sector. I pledge to deploy this knowledge in all challenge food industries in Nigeria as well collaborate with Queen Elizabeth program through UKAID to provide Nigerian farmers with innovative agricultural technologies which suitable in solving farming drudgery as well supplied them with sophisticated farming machineries, equipment that is ICT powered.

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