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Building a Global Green Economy is Possible? - Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

We live in the world of uncertainties; everyone has a role to perform to safe guard the nature for future.
The greatest challenge we face as human comes in our environment that’s caused continues abuse of nature, over grazing and undermining of environmental good practices. Today the negative effects include i)desert encroachment ii) Climatic Change iii)Gradual exist of natural species iv) Global warming. Sadly, it has also confronted us today with numerous illnesses both discovered and hidden ones. United Nations Sustainability Solution Network (UNSDSN) is in the frontline of combating these unhealthy environmental practices, reduction of burning of fossils that have green way to solar energy, hydroelectricity among others. This is a great achievement in building green and sustainable economy, but then we must understand third world countries are yet to get acclimatize with usage, suppose benefit and danger of it if not in use. That’s where the role of leaders sets in.
Setting up, organizing routine sensitization program to educate the masses the need for world to embrace green economy. Also effort should be channel for collaboration with international Non-Governmental Organization and developed nations doing that will go a long way in creating healthy eating lifestyle and conducing environment for all. We must understand what happen in a region also affect other directly or indirect regardless of geographical location. This can be better projected with recent outbreak of Covid 19 which started in Wuhan in China today the world had share from same cup of sorrow. This send a signal, we must stand together in unity to build the future we yearn for with inclusiveness diversity and integration.