Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact


Often I wonder the benefits of people in my life and I know some of you do. Recently, I began to think about the effect of mentorship in our lives. I like to disrupt the status quo and it all begins with thinking differently. This disruptive thinking led me to turn to the man who walked with God extensively. His name is Abraham. Yes, the biblical Abraham and not that your favorite teeth-flashing, soft-spoken guy who does nearly everything for the ladies without a fuss. (There is always this guy that ladies like much but won't get serious with.) Back to the subject, so I went to study the man in the greatest book ever written, the Bible. In the eighteen and nineteen verses of the eighteen chapter of Genesis, I saw a man who God promised that he would be a great and powerful nation. God went ahead to give him a wonderful vision of possible growth in which other nations could materialize from him but very few people know the conditions for the promise. In nineteen verse, the Bible said "For I have chosen him so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the Lord by doing what is right and just, so that the Lord will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him." (NIV) This pushes a great deal of knowledge about the subject matter. Looking at that scripture, I found out that God chose Abraham to fulfill a task which was to mentor his children after his godly way of life. If he wanted them to be hardworking, he had to show it to them. If he wanted them to kind to others, he had to consistently show himself to be kind. All these were the conditions that Abraham had to satisfy so that the Lord will do for Abraham what he had promised. The promise was to make a great nation out of Abraham and he didn't even have a son when God said all these things about him. Now, this means a lot. How could a man who didn't even have one child be chosen to show his children the Lord's way in order for him to have them? Ponder on that! This meant that the ways of the Lord was his recurrent lifestyle without any second thought. It had to be his second nature if he wanted the Lord to fulfill his promise. So God started by giving Abraham Isaac (one son) through Sarah while he observed Abraham. If he fulfilled his side of the deal, then he was qualified to have get more children. And yes, Abraham fulfilled his part and he got more children from Keturah (Genesis 25: 1, 2). Often, mentees are treated like refugees. They are subjected to very adverse conditions which even our "official foes" should not go through. However, what many mentors don't know is that the process of mentorship and persistence of the mentee to the process is a crucial factor to obtaining the blessing of greatness. If a mentee quits from the process, it proves that you are a wrong influence. Little wonder, there is a corrupted version of mentorship flying around. My stance is not that of rebellion but that of a critical review of the process. This corruption has created a clarion call to adjust the mentorship back to the biblical standard set for us. Otherwise, they don't need you as a mentor. Action Points: 1. For mentors, Check if you have conformed your mentorship process to the biblical standard and make necessary adjustments. 2. For potential mentees, choose your mentors carefully and find out about the process before submitting to it.