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Usually beyond the first three weeks of the year, some people begin to return back to their routine lives. All the shining hope of making a change gone. All the hours of resolution-making thrown to the wind. It now seems like the old wine tastes better. This is so because a few challenges we experienced too early in the year tells us the resolution won't hold water. The demands of a new wine (a new life & its blessings) now become enormously difficult to fulfill. Usually, the new wine demands a change of the wineskin, that is a change of lifestyle. The limiting factor to gaining the new wine, that is God's gracious blessings ferried on the backs of men, is usually the wineskin we present. Often, we present unpolished, old wineskin which is riddled with the dregs of unproductive habits encouraged by relationships that do not conform to the principle of 'iron sharpens iron'. Many of us lose our flair for the creative writing that we started to do. Many become unresponsive to the early stimulus of physical fitness that you had before. Many lose that knack for personal development which they wanted to do through in-depth studying and reading. Many revert back to those unproductive habits that kept them chained for years. However, I come to you with a message of hope saying "You Can Do It." Think it through before giving up and follows these steps to win. I tell you this year will not finish before you are declared a winner. Steps To A New Wineskin 1. Polish The Wineskin To get a new wineskin, you have an obligation to recreate yourself. You cannot leave yourself to chance. You would have to be deliberate in building up the new life you desire. Engage in activities that refine the man within. You may have to take out time and go to a training for the sake of personal development. You may have to go to a solitary place to do some in-depth study yourself. 2. Open up to New Wine. The principle here is quite clear. New wine are meant for new wineskin. This means you don't put a new wine into an old wineskin nor do you put an old wine into a new wineskin. The significance of opening up to a new wine and not an old wine is that old wine form dregs readily. New wines have to the ability to stretch you. Your mind begins to adopt a new posture once it tries to shifts to a new dimension. You can now believe in the possibilities abounding in the new lifestyle you possess. You can see the blessedness of the new life. 3. Once you taste the new wine, stay away from the old wine. There are some tales that clearly represent an old wine. Don't taste it. Old ideologies that has not produced any result in the lives of its believers must be kept far away if you want to win this new year. This year is a year of strategic victory. Be deliberate to go to the top. I am Dr. Uzoma Chigozie, a disruptive thinker cum personal development coach. If there is anything I want to see this year, it would be to see you at the top and to say it was a privilege serving you. For enquirers and consultation, call or WhatsApp +234 805 565 1542.

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