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US Presidential Inauguration and Leadership Lessons: Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

The inauguration of Biden and Harris as United State president and vice president took a great cloud at Washington DC with prominent leaders like Barack Hussein Obama in attendance. Obama had been an American politician and attorney who was the 44th president of the United States, from 2009 to 2017. Its been observed that Barack Obama seem to be more closer to Joe Biden during the indoor and outddor ceremonies than any other leader who occupied enjoys prestige in America. Obama was the first African-American president of the United States who happen to serve as Senate in before becoming president. This event is a ritual marked by declarations of the oaths and responsibilities of the executive office under the Constitution and peaceful transfer of powers based on the will of voters oversees by the Electoral College confirmation. President Biden in his opening speech tag 20th January 2021 as Victory for Democracy he made bold to strike out some of the executive order given by Donald Trump which include revoking the ban lifting of US from European countries. According to Biden the ban will continue, he also installs mandatory wearing of face mask in every public building. Lesson from the Inaugurations of Biden and Harris 1. There was unity and mutual respect for the constitution otherwise the capitol will have been scanty by division and fight during the process but American understood there is need to support each other to attain national goals 2. There was a sense of maturity exhibited that keeps both parties in good conduct during the inauguration to avoid international embarrassment. 3. It showed that both party admitted their faults and understood that American interest supersede parties interests 4. It was the first inaugural delivered during crisis in United State of American yet it attracts warming attendance. This show American can rise again if they put their energy together to rebuild democracy and continue to promote good governance. 5. The leaders Hub Congratulates Americans for successfully transiting to new administration.