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WHO IS A LEADER Anyone who has the ability to motivate, influence and enhance people will to change their mind in according with his set priority is known as a leader. In a nutshell a leader is all about positive impact through a carefully plan of action targeted in given the subject better standard of living by helping them take necessary action for the full actualization of their potential. WHAT IS LEADERSHIP Leadership is act of leading. Leadership is a process of leading. Meanwhile you cannot talk about leaders without discussing leadership also you cannot talk about leadership without its core values which includes; accountability, transparency, equity, credibility, Trust, meticulous, discipline, commitment. reliability, focus and effective communication Initiator and determination. Leadership is not act of making gain or exploring other with sacrifices, empathy and problem solving ability. The number of solution you brings to table is what defines the kind of leader you will be. Leaders are ambassadors of quality attribute for national transformation this is because everything rises and falls in leadership. This will send signal to you failed nation designate failed leaders. As an ambassador it’s yours responsibility to ensure the group of people under yours custody gets the best of humanitarian aid, social and basic amenities and access to technology driven ventures. As a leader you are a public figure there is need for you to accept responsibility base on your skills and keep improving your skills for sustainable governance. DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS AND TRANSACTIONAL LEADER Transformational leaders are innovator and cause thing to in an extra ordinary way, they stir up social change and always been in frontline to lead the team. This kind of leader is gifted and has strong passion for human existence. While transaction leaders are those leaders who never bring anything sustainable governance rather they go for immediate benefits. Transactional leader never give room for self-improvement rather routine of work serve as work modality. Transformational leaders are effective team while Transformational leadership is a theory of leadership where a leader works with teams to identify needed change, creating a vision to guide the change through inspiration, and executing the change in tandem with committed members of a group. Right leaders emerge from all spheres as the result of what they have accomplish as well evidence of what next. In conclusion African is talent hut continents with less productive youth that need care guidance and mentors.

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