Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact


In two days time US President elect will take oaths of office as US 46th President. Ahead of this big event that shape new hope for Americans, President Donald Trump was impeached by Speak of House of Representative making it twice Donald Trump was impeached in his administration. This move by US Speaker is beaconing for senate confirmation. The Vice President Mr. Pence who is also the senate President has earlier written letter to the house of representative stating clearly there is no need for Trump to be impeach rather they should reunite to rebuild American as the nation is at the verge of collapsing. The Leasers Hub observed the incoming president seem have plans of integrity US with choice countries hence many leaders has begun lobby for this. It’s common to initiative plan but it takes extra mile to execute it, we do hope that Mr. Joe Biden will close the gaps he promise American and create more opportunities for young leaders inclusive leadership participation similar to Young African Leaders Initiatives (YALI) Atlas Corps among others which over the years has given young leaders from developing nation access to roundtable discussion that have yielded positively in diversity. The Leaders Hub prioritize young innovators program as key to national economy diversification and development and will look toward foreign pilot project that support emerge leaders taking responsible in developing their communities especially now the world is facing one common enemy Covid. 19. For clarity, I will reinstate here there is no problem nations lobby to have access to incoming US administrative opportunities but it should be tailor for national interest of the citizen not personal interest. Every leader should be hold accountable for every action and inaction as it ought in doing so transparency and accountability is built in leadership. The leaders hub will welcome communities of practice that champion the course of promoting young leaders from grass root, we believe doing that vulnerable in societies are also given opportunities to lead.