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The subject of specialization has made life very interesting. By this, I mean it has successfully created specialists in almost all areas of life. I remember getting an electrician to check a fault at my office and after a few minutes, he told me that the issue was with the generating set. I told him to check the electrical side of the generator and he told me that he doesn't work the electricals of a generator. When it came to the area of repairs in which he was good at like wiring and rewiring of electrical appliances, he didn't dodge. He showed up with a good smile. So I found out something intriguing about life. Specialization creates a niche for everyone with a seamless interface between entities. Specialization makes confident leaders and a confident leader can and must remain humble. Those who have thought otherwise are those who have been ensnared in the trap called the conflict of character. When a leader gets arrogant about what areas should be his strength, he often wanders away from his vision and purpose. Suddenly, he loses sight of the vision that he was running with. He starts to delve into other areas because of his supposed strength in a similar area. I would like to show you what dangers lie ahead of wandering about. Dangers of Wandering 1. A downward trend So Jesus, the great teacher, when asked "who is my neighbor?" told a story of a rich fellow who went down from Jerusalem to Jericho. To understand that story in Luke 10, he used places that the people had formed opinions about. Jerusalem was a place of peace and prosperity while Jericho was a place of concealment. How could a rich fellow go from a place of peaceful prosperity to a place where men concealed whatever they had. Why do I think he was a rich fellow? That man met some thieves and afterwards, they took his clothes. Usually, thieves don't take your clothes unless they are heavily priced. Those clothes must be worth so much. Imagine that! So this rich traveller went down. I imagine that apart from his health, his finances would have staggered a while also. This is all because he went the wrong road. 2. A greater likelihood to enter the wrong hand. Another issue worthy of note is the fact that he (Jesus) said this man fell into the hands of thieves. This meant that he didn't plan the encounter he faced. When a man wanders from his place, there is a greater chance he will fall into the hands of wrong people and/or wrong system. Oftentimes, the wrong hands would almost leave the fellow half dead or dead. No bird in her nest gets shot by the sharp-eyed hunter. Hunters will only shoot what they see around them. And even when the birds learn how to write, they can only tell the story of their narrow escape. Thieves only attack those they see around them so to avoid them, stay in your track. Furthermore, cover your track neatly to avoid leaving traces. 3. You're left at the mercy of those who have no mercy. That rich fellow, who was left naked and half dead, was put in an unfavourable situation. Men whom everyone thought would show him mercy didn't because many men don't like to show mercy unless there is something for them to gain. Refuse to be put in a situation where men have to pity you. Pity, in any form of it, is destructive. It is easiest place where men can take advantage of you. Some men would have seen the half dead man and still pick a few coins off him. All these happened because a man wandered from his place. Action Points: 1. Stay in your niche and grow there. 2. Refuse to be pitied. Pity is destructive whether you mete to yourself or it comes from another. 3. Fight for where you are going. Stick it all out. Never let anyone tell you that you won't make it there. Some people may laugh at you at the beginning, never mind them. They don't have much planned out for themselves