/ Global Call for Mentoring Roles at United Nations SDSN: Emmanuel Igwe



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Global Call for Mentoring Roles at United Nations SDSN: Emmanuel Igwe

Dear Prospective Mentors, It has been a great year and at Babele do hope you are keeping safe as well doing well. May I invite to take a tour of some of the opportunities we have opening this great and wonderful new year! With the we are launching the Investment Readiness Program to serve as an accelerator to support the SDGs which will be much value hence there is need to onboard Mentors across the globe to champion this. The program will encompass various spheres hence there is need to bring in expert-wise subject matter specialists. There is no doubt as mentor you will have opportunity to learn and re-learn as well connect with your prospect as one big family of professionals across the globe. Each Innovator, entrepreneur will be matched with an expert mentor, who supports the venture throughout the 13 weeks of the program this is to help refine their ideas to be scalable and feasible for possible investment opportunities. Modality: Entrepreneurs attend weekly webinars on key subject matters, which are followed by concrete objectives and practical assignments; this is where your job comes in. As they progress through the program, these assignments taken together build out the company’s impact investment memorandum for future work.. We invite you to apply to become mentors of the program here https://babele.co/irp/ Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to drop me a message at thleaderhub@gmail.com or visit Manu at Babele home page With kind regards, Manu (cofounder of Babele)