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Call for Freedom of Information Ambassador Training –Emmanuel Igwe

As we all know how vital filtered and strategic information is when disseminated to targets audience. We Nigerian need to build integrity honesty and transparency in democratic setting through effective and efficient information sharing to preserve and stir confidence in the citizen towards the state of nation governance as well public structured institution roles and prospects for sustainable education system that works. What to Expect from the Programme The FOI training will ensure further increase in awareness & interest in the Act. It would serve as a benchmark towards sustaining the increasing culture of demanding transparency in governance. It could further help improve performances of public officials & institutions, by serving as a tool of accountability therefore checking their activities. Why the Programme Should be Prioritize The Leaders Hub earlier last year undertakes research through public consultation and discovers a lot of challenges face by our leaders both in the executive arm, Legislatures judiciary and in public office all stems from disinformation. This statistically shows that the shortfall came from inappropriate coding and decoding of receiving and responding to messages passed respectively. What Will Make You an Ideal Applicant: Young people in age bracket of 18-35 years, who have interest in governance, & willingness to engage government institutions. To apply visit: