Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact


In a race for Nigerian to find credible leadership successor, Nigeria Prize for Leadership championing this course, last month 12th November 2020 identified young promising leaders across 6 Geopolitical zone in Nigeria to train them on leadership as Ambassadors. It was a great moment for the participants to come together, interact and find common ground to begin the implementation of reinventing Nigeria leadership. This maiden edition has open up channels for other young Nigerians home and diaspora to key in and enjoy the dividend of true democracy in future. It is interesting to know people from all sphere of life are represented in the training which serves as hope to salvage this sectors and government agencies by bringing innovation and creativity as framework for national integration for sustainable development. Its my pleasure to announce that the programme that involves participants with age brackets of 23-35 years will be graduating tomorrow to begin 12th December 2020 to implements what they have learnt. Nigeria Prize for Leadership has set standard templates to guide to the participants as the face the society of unfair, unjust and compromise to make a difference. This training has also yielded to unifying Nigeria youth to thinks and act differently as the an agent of social change. This can be best vindicated from the lives the participants pledge to lives and accomplishment that awaits their success stories in nearest future. PUBLIC NOTICE: Ongoing is FREE Leadership article for publication for all our esteem viewers globally, If this sound interesting to you kindly reach out to the our marketing manager at +2348167981382 or send email to This offer last until 16th January, 2021 Signed- Management.