Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact

Nigerian Youths Great Asset; Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

All of the world youths who has exceptionally distinquished theirselves are Celebrated. Same is the case at The Leaders Hub, we sincere thanks Nigeria Government led admimstration by his Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari for adopting November 1 as Youth Day. This has never been in existence before this is to show that the yearning voice of the youth are beginning to see light at the tunnel. One can confidently say the ENDSARNOW protest has accelerated quick and urgent attention especially from Nigeria Federal government unlike before were youth issue are consider minor with minia attention. This is not to say that this adminstration has make giant effort to address needs of the youths rather the youths theirselves has taken their destiney at their hands. To the youth we must not let this synergize efforts die off rather there is need to continue to push forward until the nation give us our light place to rebuild our nation but it must be done violent free and respectful to constituted authority, and above all with love and sincerity. We must remain thankful to God for given us a nations as well given us the ability to stand as gates to the treasure of this nation that is the only way our mindset will be rightly condition to live up expectation to reclaim our nation from corruption and bad governanace. We must embrace diversity as strength and inclusivness as tools and integration of both to make Nigeria a great nation we yearn for. From Mr. Emmanuel Igwe