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Nigeria Needs Transformational Leaders; Mr. Emmanuel Igwe

The continue progress made in developing any nation shows someone is deliberately making the move and remain in the course of effecting it down stream to last man on the line that is Transformational Leader. A leader who consider their nation first in all that matter to the citizen and they are prepare to die along as case maybe so as to redefine the course the have chosen to walk through and the dear not walk through the back door to solve a challenge rather take it headway while teaching the successor better way to confront such or similar challenge in future. This kind of leader are know as nation builders who stop at nothing until they attain great loft height in achieving remarkable progress. This is the foundation great nation like Singapore, Dubai and India were builts from nothing to treasure base of the earth because the leaders lives above theirselves hence the lives above time. Nigeria yearn for such leaders who can pay the prize and redeem our nation from corruption and bad governance. Nigerian Prize for Leadership are in search for such leader who will give direction to the successor generation leaders hence Nigerian need to support this noble movement to see it comes to fruition.


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