Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact


Very often, there is a commonplace issue that exists in a setting where there are many young people. This issue was the very reason why the End SARS protest was sabotaged and it does seem like the situation cannot be redeemed unless this issue is addressed. It is almost a culture among the young people and, invariably, it connotes a lack of self leadership. This issue made the bigwigs of the political scene to disregard the youths and explained away our requests as acts of exuberance. This issue is simply the uncultured habit of crowd talking. This morbid habit permeates every youthful sphere. Everyone wants to talk and almost immediately starts to talk. However, we fail to know that when everyone is talking, no one is talking. They disregarded our protest even though they themselves do not abide by the rules. Many thought leaders have advised the following: Be the last to speak. Seek to understand and then to be understood. The challenge is that though many people know these pieces of advice, they still don't do them. So here are my tips on how to curb that morbid habit that seeks to be heard rather than to hear. When you enter a room, take the last seat. In a case, you cannot take the last seat, count yourself as the last man to enter the room. This is important for you whether you are a leader or a follower. This way, you know you're the last person to air his views. This is not to encourage lateness or any other improper use of time. Another point is when your views are courted then your views are likely going to be taken than when you throw them out uncalled for. Talk is mostly reactive. We must begin to be proactive if we are going to change the narrative. Action Points: 1. Take the last seat. That way, you will fight the habit of flinging out your views at the same time as others. Furthermore, you will become a rapt listener that the world is looking for.


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