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It worth noting your curriculum vitae can place you in a position but your character will determine how long you remain or advance further. A society that lost it value will always be found in chaos and suspension. We live in a dynamic world where everything changes within a short time but our value and character must be treated with optimum regard to save our nation from decaying. Nigeria is a bless country with multi-cultural heritage we should be proud of anywhere in the world but opposite is the case. We have neglected our value and are pursing shadow. As long as we keep good character and sense of humor outside our daily lives we will keep devaluing our nation and abusing nature and bastardizing our heritage. Are you are parents please note your children sees you as their epitome and learn from you. As a leader you should have conscience and conscious of the team you build knowing fully that ‘’ what goes around comes around’’ this is because there can only be leader when there is follower. In a nutshell keep abreast of happening but always recognize and uphold values with character so you can be acceptable in any society you find yourself. That is my token from EMMANUEL IGWE


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