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Exceptional Leaderhip; Dr. Chioma Kalu's Sequential Paradigm of Impact!

It is said that a man's paradigm defines his future. It is therefore possible to judge who will make a great leader if given the opportunity by simply studying their paradigm in the last few years. This is the case of Dr. Chioma Kalu, a prolific and purpose driven young leader who served as the Vice President of the Students Union Government, University of Calabar in 2017 and was in every way, amazing. She was known for diligence and selflessness, she pulled the largest crowd ever recorded in the School's history when she drew the attention of the world to the school by hosting the famous Frank Edoho and other notable dignitaries at the annual Students Week of the Union.
Following her graduation and induction as a Medical Doctor, she has maintained this spirit of Excellence and credible leadership in her position as the House Officers' Rep. For the very first time, Dr. Chioma Kalu is making an incredible impact on the hospital and its environs through a carefully organized HO Week with a line up of amazing activities scheduled for the week. The most intriguing aspect of the program is the outreach to the indigent communities around the hospital, to assist in providing health care to the community and to discourage home delivery and poor health seeking behavior.
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