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Joe Biden and vice president Senator Harris seem to be more serious than American can imagine. Ahead of the official handover by incumbent president, but on resounding note it will be pretty starting well if he set plan ahead this will be a welcome development for American to have a proactive leader. The Americans should choose capable and competent to leader our eye is one the post activities after the election, is our believe and the rest of the world that the president elect has emerge as people voice through voting right except if otherwise stated void. President Trump on his part has maintained peace and tranquility waiting to receive US Supreme Court judge which will determine his position in white House. The Leaders hub wish to advise US to ensure that it citizen are carry first in any decision taking in regards to installing their leader also the should be conscious of what their action and inaction can create not just in American but in entire nations that look up to them in decade to come during and after this Presidential post-election era. The Leaders Hub also wish to facilitates with US citizen for maintain peace and order as the approach the results of their Presidential election with maturity and sense of patriotic. From the desk of CEO The Leaders Hub Congratulation American for doing great works to choose your leaders Emmanuel Igwe +2348167981382

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