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Sometime in the past, when it was found out that his hand helped to push the ball past the goal line, this man said "It is the hand of God." His name was Diego Maradona. There was a time in history when nearly every footballer wanted to be like Diego. He was a legend in the game. He was massively respected by the big names of the game. Many know his public life. How he went from being one of the best player to grace the game to a great manager of the Argentine team. During his football career, he lifted Serie A title twice and UEFA cup with the Italian side, Napoli. He was a man who carried the hand of God but wasn't much in the hand of God. He struggled with drugs. On one occasion, he was stripped of his medal because he tested positive to a banned drug. A spectacular event was when he was tested positive to ephedrine after an Argentine victory over Nigeria. I remember this story back then and how I felt gloomy because he was my biggest player. The speculation that ephedrine masked the hard drug Diego was involved with was a big nightmare for him. He was this close to a career death. However, Professor Taylor, of Baylor College of Medicine, pointed out that ephedrine actually sped up the elimination of the cocaine and this added more weight to the charge that he wanted to conceal his doping addiction. In all these, Diego had to stand alone to face the music. He had to find a way to quell the quagmire. He rested the hand of God on his head but didn't rest in the hand of God. Maradona is now late due to a heart condition which has similar clinical features with asthma that is managed with ephedrine. I may want to think that he was self-medicating because of asthma. Perhaps, he was using it to treat a probable narcoleptic disorder. (You remember when Diego walked around with slitlike eyes.) But whatever it was, Diego is no longer here. He has gone to rest in the hand of God. No longer will the media houses make massive sales because of his plight. He went through it all alone. Rest in peace Diego Armando Maradona. Lessons: 1. In life, you stand alone to fight your battles. 2. Seek help when you need it. This is, perhaps, the biggest because as mortals we often want to act the Hercules who never needs help but gives it to the weak. 3. Remember that in your suffering, you are helping someone somewhere to gain more wins. They could be the media houses or an individual.