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Few days after I checked into a room at the National Stadium Abuja (Package B) which happened to be the venue for the maiden edition of Ambassadors Leadership Programme, I decided to get myself a snack from the nearby stores within the stadium on this bright Sunday evening. The stores were a stone throw from the stadium facility where we stayed. After I had bought my snack and was heading back to my lodge, I saw some six or seven Asian guys. They looked more like Chinese guys. They had just arrived in their sport outfits with a basketball in hand, ready to display their prowess. One threw the ball on the board and it was then the others discovered that there was no rim. I tried to direct their attention to another court but they also discovered that there were no rims on that one. The discovery discouraged them and they entered their black Toyota SUV and drove off. When they left, one of the shopkeepers told me that the sport area was still under construction. In his words "If you look around, you will see work going on. The court has not met the presidential standard yet that is why they removed the rim." Amazingly, I didn't notice any spectacular renovation except for some bricks I saw some men lay on another some days ago and that work could not affect the use of the sport facility. The spectators' stand of the court was ready. The rim stand was in place. The court markings were intact. But there was no rim and the excuse was that it hadn't met the presidential standard. This incident quickly brought to my mind the attitude of sluggishness that is prevalent in government. This stadium has been in existence for very many years and yet there is a flimsy excuse that would get it nonfunctional through disuse. Actually, this attitude should have caused us to move fast had we considered it as a slug in the eyes. However, there seem to be many slouches who slouch on a sofa watching others act. I remember coming back from my office one evening and a little insect flew into my right eyes. That single incident sent running around, looking for who would help me out. I wasn't showing my teeth like in the picture. It was a matter of who would help me and if I found someone who seemed unhelpful, I left him. My desire is to see my country get back on the map. I desire for my country to get out of her nap. Therefore, I solicit for the young and the old to yield themselves to effect a change no matter small around where you live. Action Point: Think of something small you would start that would affect others positively and consistently do it irrespective of irresponsibilities around you. Think of the areas where you seem weak and ask for help. When you play your part, you are contributing to removing the slug in our eyes. About the author Uzoma Chigozie is a medical doctor cum relational intelligence coach. He has been involved in teaching people leadership and relationship principles. He is married to his beautiful wife and lives in Anambra State


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