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Many people are only thoughtful about themselves than others. It is much easier for anybody to esteem himself or herself better than the others. And because of this, a certain pattern of thinking has been created. Nearly everyone's thoughts are confined within the perimeter of an unwritten code of system. You don't find many people thinking outside this box in many areas of life. This is why they speak, they speak from the sublime status of their assumptions. You could hardly find those who think others are greater, others should be respected too, others should be honoured too, others should be well spoken of. There is a palpable pulse of pride among peoples of different climes.
However, for us to push the frontiers of leadership and relationship, we have to think differently. The greatest manual, the Bible, says it this way in the second chapter of Philippians "Let nothing be done through strife or vainglory but in lowliness of mind let strife. Strife is a contention for superiority. That is, when someone sets out to show and prove himself superior to others. You cannot lead a people or a spouse until they know you have a heart large enough to contain them and not keen to show them you are superior. Why our nation, our relationship is not getting better is simply because of this issue. Those within are not thinking beyond themselves and as a result, they have become the 'box'. A leader is simply a servant. Leadership is a responsibility, not a title and until we think outside the 'box', every problem will be a dress for us instead of an issue to be fixed. There is a lowliness of mind required for leadership and relationship. You must be a leader with the lowliness of mind to exhibit the thoughtfulness that is emphasizes leadership. When we value and esteem the other person, we build a world that does not consider our resources but our impact. It is then we can have the world we dreamed of. *Action Point* : Look for someone today and say nice things to them in the midst of your own challenges

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