Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact

NPL Ambassador Leadership Programme Updates

Nigerian Prize for Leadership (NPL) organized a one month intensive Ambassadors Leadership Programme for the youths. This training is aimed at raising a credible successor generation of youths who will exhibit qualities of good leadership and governance. The ongoing Ambassadors training is expected to last till 13th December, 2020 having commenced on the 15th of November, 2020. The facilitator who did justice to the above topic is one of the eminents Nigerian Professor Jerry Gana. He delivered a lecture on Democracy, Good Governance and Development as key to National Development. The participants were overwhelmed with the expository nature of the lecture which was more of interactions. Lessons learnt are but not limited to: Spirituality; this an inseparable part of Leadership which enables a leader to commune with His creator, hence, the leader should never neglect the place of fellowship with God if he must succeed. When a leader agrees to walk according to the commandments of His creator,he will come out distinguished among others. Respecting every religion will bring about National integration in leadership. As leaders, it’s important we value life and human dignity. To carry everyone along without biasness,segregation or religious sentiment which bring about abortion of peace and unity in the communities. Sacrifice is very important for leaders to make headway to achieving set goals. Discipline is a another key quality of a leader to attain lofty heights. Focus is also paramount as a leader; to keep to your vision requires consciousness and foresight. Determination: Here, you're very committed to your course. Then, you crown it up by exhibiting high level of Confidence.This has to do with believing in yourself, expressing the "I-Can-Do-Spirit".