Transforming Young Leaders for Maximum Impact


African countries have experience slow its economy growth and development, what a nation where the youth struggle to access basic amenities yet the African keep looking for messiah to this development failure when the have neglected part to human capital development, mentorship and career guidance. Nigerian Prize for Leadership in an effort to awake it youth conscious and sub-consciousness on good governance and economy that work have begun a month Ambassador Leadership Programme to trained youthful Nigeria on what it takes to assume position of leadership. This maiden edition features participant across Nigeria who are currently at residence in FCT nation capital. Upon completion of the programme the young trained participant will be confer Nigerian Prize for Leadership Ambassador in coming weeks. The programme is structured to expose the participants on rigorous and intensive training to understand past present and unanticipated leadership challenges and possible way to solve them. The programme enter the 3rd day today with huge success so far the promising young leaders are been reshape both in mindset paradigm to take up leadership at grass root and play exemplary roles towards sustainable governance that take in cognizance of equity, transparency, accountability, divert inclusive and integration. This in few years will yield to new Nigerian that will be proud of by Nigeria, African and the world at large.