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Emmanuel has actively engage on Service to a Cause Greater Than Self Empathy values As President National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency in a Community Development Services at Bwari command one of area council in Abuja Nigeria City Centre. This is a highly sensor position and risk of my life as you will agree with me to set a society free from drugs illicit dealers and to help drug addicted person(s) take good patience and empathy as well. In the course of Emmanuel one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps he was elected to lead his fellow corps members, and they communities to track down the activities of illicit drugs dealers which had led to high rate of crimes, social devices and unauthorized conduct and behaviors among drugs addicted individual. It was a task that took his time and social comfort away and it stirrup his courage more than he can ever imagine with extra carefulness because he could have lose his life during his visit in a guard room with addicted person not knowing they has lost response and can attack anyone trying to take away their comfort. Today life has returned to normalcy and future of young leaders served

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